Anwar Using “Bazooka” Aiming At Mahathir..!!”

Wow! Cindy was asked to check on a report from a former colleague in Malaysiakini and it was titled: Anwar: Mahathir asked World Bank for aid . This must be a direct response to Mahathir who still gives his more than “2 cents opinion” in the run up to General Elections. Anwar knows his time is running short (sodomy verdict January 9th.??) and he needs to use the time to attack incessantly at BN. Mahathir still has his wires attached to UMNO and BN and Anwar will try to clip and chip it away.

Godfathers/warlords or whatever names are accorded to the seniors/veterans of parties will have their hands full as the cybertroopers from both political divided will leave no stones unturned. This GE13 is anything but easy for both BN/Pakatan. The voters have woken up and they know that their casting votes are only for those “winnable,credible and people first candidate

A lot of efforts are needed to lobby for candidates but Anwar will use his time to “sniper”off the current BN leaders but he has been told by his strategists that he needs to “bazooka” off Mahathir. This grand old man of Malaysian politics remains stuck to his back.

Anwar can clearly have Najib/Myhiddin in his pocket so it seems but with Mahathir still in the shadows Pakatan will find it difficult to make it to the front doors of Putrajaya. Many political analysts are saying “it’s going to be very close but BN will still retain Putrajaya” GE14 would be a different ball game as mosts of the younger generation would be eligible to vote.

Anwar has no other choice left but will use whatever he has to ensure the Pakatan remains intact and relevant to the people and his party members. BN will be hoping Mahathir remains a thorn in Anwars eyes.

The extracted article:- 

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim made a startling allegation against Dr Mahathir Mohamad, claiming that the former prime minister had written to the World Bank for funds during the financial crisis in 1999.
NONEIn an effort to clear the “US agent” label against him by Umno and Mahathir, Anwar last night told a dinner attended by foreign ambassadors that in 1993, he had written to the World Bank in his capacity as finance minister to reject financial assistance.
“Of course, I had to chair the development committee of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. For that I was portrayed as American agent, but the fact remains it was me in 1993 who wrote to the World Bank to say we are not requiring its funding.
“In 1999, the then prime minister Mahathir wrote to the president of World Bank appealing for funds and (to) borrow from World Bank,” he claimed.
The dinner was organised by the Selangor state government, at which Anwar delivered a speech titled ‘Debunking ETP: Widening Income Gap’ to some 150 guests, including foreign ambassadors, economists, academicians, MPs, party leaders and journalists.

Wasn’t that a paradox?

Anwar, who is also the Selangor economic adviser, was asked whether Malaysia was prepared to brace itself against the Eurozone crisis, but he digressed from the question and recounted the difference between him and Mahathir during the crisis.
The PKR de facto leader said he was not aware of Mahathir’s action as he was jailed in 1999, and only discovered it during his consultancy work for the World Bank after he was freed.
“Wasn’t that a paradox? Anwar, who was accused pf being a dependent on the World Bank decided to stop borrowing from the World Bank, but the guy who was anti-IMF and World Bank wrote quietly asking for funds,” he said.
anwar ibrahim and dr mahathir mohamadAnwar was the finance minister from 1993 to 1998, under Mahathir’s administration. Their mentor-protege relationship collapsed during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, leading to the sacking of Anwar.
He was then found guilty of sodomy and power abuse which landed him behind the bars for five years until 2004.
Mahathir, who has been portraying himself as an anti-Western imperialism leader, accused Anwar of selling out the country by accepting the austerity package prescribed by IMF