PKR YB and SUPP member on SUPP..!!

N11 Sarawak PKR YB does not mince his words and as a human rights activists See Chee How does give some logical inputs and common sense explanations. For the record,he won handsomely against BN/SUPP Youth Chief who garnered 4,854 and an independant Soo Lina 290 by a huge majority of 8381. Surely,one would say the voters have given him a clear mandate.

audie61 caught up with him at 2050pm through a telephone conversation and asked him whether he could spare us a few minutes of his precious time. By the way he is still at his constituency office catching up with backlog after the Dewan sitting and also PKR Assembly in Johore.

We told him we are asking him specifically on his opinion on the current SUPP Presidential Race.

Question No.1 PM Najib is with Peter Chin while Wong Soon Koh has CM Taib behind him. What do you think.? They are both just saying it for their own agenda. It’s their way of drumming up their supporters. To me,do you think that Najib and Taib will get their hands dirtied or to “campur” in their party affairs.

Question No.2 Do you think that SUPP will rise from the ashes and ready for GE13? Both the Presidential candidates have dragged the party through mud and they will drag the party down and it will kill the chances of the party at GE13.

Question No.3 Sorry we come back again on this ,”Clearly many are saying they are proxies for Federal and State Interests? Proxies,No Way lah ! It’s for their self Interests I said earlier.

Question No.4 Do you care about the leaders of the Presidential hopeful in SUPP? I don’t specifically care about SUPP affairs.It’s not my party and I need to serve the rakyat more and that is my priority.

The much anticipated SUPP AGM scheduled for 8th-11th December in Kuching Sarawak has caught the imagination of the press/media and they are churning no holds barred statements,allegations,distrusts from both presidential camps.

Even a veteran SUPP member speaking to audie61 said what you see in the newspapers are very mild while it is “bad or very dirty” in the branches. Believe me and SUPP has never had this bad as he has been a member for well over 25years. Even the courts, ROS, he said is being used what more Najib,Taib,Federal and State governments. The magical dollars(hearsay) are also making its rounds they say but for him he is yet to receive anything.

We know for you ,’You don’t care how it swings and who helms SUPP” but I am very sad as both camps have hung their dirty linen in public and it will take sometime to build the image of the party.

The GE13 will see whether the elections have affected the party. Lets just watch and see what else the Presidential candidates have for us in the next couple of day.

Are you keeping up with SUPP..??


5 thoughts on “PKR YB and SUPP member on SUPP..!!

  1. who cares what happened to supp anyway?..they have their glory day which they abused for far too long so why must we pay attention and wasting our own time to their infighting?.i say,lets talk on how we can hammer the final nail on their coffin!!!

  2. SUPP anytime soon will explode and in actual fact eversince 2006 was a ‘time bomb” Team A and Team B should have exploded instead it carried on for 5 years. Bad News SUPP.

  3. Mawan team is proxy of Najib and Entri team is proxy of taib. Pressure on Najib to let Taib go before his corruption scandal become out of control since it had received international attenion. BN days is numbered. let the show begins……

  4. No matter what transpire in SPDP and SUPP , at the end of the day , Taib will make the final decision !! In Sarawak all BN politicians cannot survive without him . He will call the shots or else bye..bye..

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