“UMB Hebat..-Surat Layang !!”

The blogsphere is there to be won. In the years gone by, say 25 years ago we used to spread political propaganda/information through TV,Information services Department Radio services and films,letters, word of mouth and there were a lot of “surat layang”

Today’s world and technological advances and computer savvy voters have turned to the internet,blogs,twitters,stumbleupon,Linkedin and the mosts used social media tool is FACEBOOK.

Are you hooked up to any of them?

Everyone is able to access especially with the Information and Culture Ministry trying to get the rural areas connected and to stop the Opposition harping on inaccessibilty of the NEW MEDIA. The MCMC are tasked to work out the rural digital divide and make Malaysia more progressive as it forges closely to achiving a fully developed status by 2020.

The cyberwar is being fought fiercely between Pro BN and Pro Pakatan troopers and they will try to outdo each other by getting their messages across. Without a doubt this is also used as a tool  to try to defame,character assasinate and spread malicious lies and hopes that they trickle down to the grassroots to secure VOTES.

Its up to the cyber troopers,bloggers,facebookers of both Pro Coalitions to defend and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

UMB has been set up as a solid, strategically monitored, defensive and tactical unit to combat the political parties from LIES and UNTRUTHS. It has become a much neede machinery for politicians from both political divides to use and to try to paint the wrongs to RIGHTS. Politicians without the UMBs or any socialmedia units will stand more to loose than to Gain.

Its becoming to be an ASSET to blockade FALSE PROPAGANDA and to push the much needed messages of the political parties across. You musts know the “surat layangs’ of yesteryears and how effective they became.


UMB was spoken by many during the UMNO AGM and this article written by one of our associates WHIZZEKID is well worth looking into:-

UMB telah menjadi sebutan di persidangan UMNO yang baru saja berlangsung minggu lepas.

UMB di bawah naungan Tun Faisal Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia juga kian menunjukkan kehebatan mereka dengan kehadiran blogger yang berwibawa dan berkaliber. Dengan penyampaian berita dan info terkini amat membantu kemenangan BN. Ianya bukan hanya perkara remeh. Bagi sesetengan orang UMB tidak diperlukan kewujudan mereka. Namun di persidangan UMNO yang lepas malah PM kita juga menyebut akan kepentingan UMB di era ini.

Penubuhan UMB Sarawak yang diketuai oleh Abdul Aziz Adenan Satem juga kelihatan menyerlah dengan beberapa blogger mereka yang sentiasa aktif memperjuangkan hak rakyat dan juga mengungkai segala rahsia dan persoalan tentang pembangkang. UMB PBB, UMB SPDP, UMB SUPP dan juga UMB PRS berganding bahu bersama-sama bersatu hati di dalam UMB Sarawak. Begitu juga facebook dan tweeter mereka yang sentiasa aktif. Bukannya macam sesetengah akaun facebook , tweeter dan blog yang SEDANG TIDUR sekarang…

Unit Media Baru medan perang di era ini yang mampu menggegarkan pihak pakatan. Jangan pandang rendah pada UMB. Janji UMB akan memperjuangkan hak rakyat dan BN. Jangan ambil remeh akan kewujudan UMB.



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