Pakatan/BN “YB’s New Trend..??”

The word is out and spelt clearly,”I am a BN Direct member/YB” My position as Assistant Minister is the prerogative of the Chief Minister and nobody else besides the Chief Minister can drop me from his cabinet.

Sylvester Entri led  branches from N66 Marudi out of SPDP(component of BN sarawak) and declared themselves BN members and supported PM Najib and CM Taib. This is indeed an unhealthy TREND and if it persists very soon we will have 3 other YBs plus an MP following suit.

Political observers are commenting that it will also trickle down to SUPP after the election of office bearers on the 8th-11th December 2011. The YBs are already using this TREND which was very successfully used by Larry Sng during his tenure as Assistant Minister and YB for Pelagus N54.

Tiki the current MP for Mas Gading would be using his influence on the PM that there were others before him in MP Billy Abit and MP James Dawos who all stood as BN direct candidates and won. He is at the moment according to reports from grassroots and leaders of component parties as an MP “who does nothing but is harmless and will win for BN” Even PCM Major Huan said Tiki is still “winnable” as SPDP is embroiled in infighting.

A new face in Mas Gading be it Henry Jinep,Ik Pahon or others will need a lot of convincing for the voters. It will also open up an avenue for the opposition parties in DAP/PKR to put in a candidate capable of winniing it for Pakatan coalition.

In the event of Tiki not being succesful to win a BN ticket to stand he will be a spoiler as he will still maintain he has blessings from BN but not SPDP. The BN/coalition would be hardpressed to answer this issue and gives more than a glimmer of hope to the Pakatan or independant candidates.

N66 makes up the other half of Baram constituency and Deputy Minister Jacob sagan would also face a very delicate situation. This reminds me of the fight when PBDS candidates from different factions James Masing/Sng fought with Tajem/Salang. There were 6 seats which was bitterly fought over with one side using PBDS colours while the other being BN direct.We were dirrectly involved in the fight in Julau where the present deputy minister Joseph Salang took on PBDS wanita chief Josephine Mawat.

This situation could arise here in the 4 seats of SPDP in MasGading,Saratok,Bintulu and Baram and proxies from the SPDP5 might justs be fielded to rock the boat. Could this justs be a winnable ploy for BN? After all its a Family matter and disagreements would be sorted out as soon after GE13.

Its called BN MUST WIN at all costs.

As for the other veteran or 5th to 6th term MPs who still sees that they have what it takes to wrestle and maintain the seats for BN its time for reconsideration. BN will not be justs facing the Pakatan but also dissatisfactions from the grassroots who are making enough noises to be heard. They need a new man and a new team to hlem their constituencies and will do whatever to derail the BN choices of overstayers.

Pakatan are already vetting their candidates and they are putting in credible candidates as they have experienced now in running state adminstrations in Kelantan, Penang,Selangor,Kedah and a little while in Perak. They basically know they need to field the right people with the correct mindset. BN needs to look closely at “winnable” candidates too and the coalition should be ready to take a stand against those who are more of a liability to the BN chances of winning.

BN has capitalised on Pakatans trojan horses and infighting and we are not surprised that Pakatan would capitalise on the issues of internal fighting within BN. When a house is divided the enemies would come in.

 We reiterate a statement taken from the then VP of PKR Azmin Ali now deputy of PKR at a function in Grand Continental in Kuching Sarawak,”when there is infighting and the party goes into elections no way will the party win.You take it from me.I know it very well

Basically BN needs to put its houses in order and it is not only UMNO and PBB that represents the BN coalition. There are 10 or more parties/allies which holds the BN coalition. They need to be strong to fight the Pakatan parties who are building their voter base daily. There is no use to fool ourselves that BN will win handsomely.


BN should not fool themselves and the earlier mosts of the issues are dealt with accordingly without covering up the loose ends the coalition will gain. If the strategists,politcal secretaries of the PM departments continue to give the false information on the ground swell to the top leaders the ‘defining battle” as Anwar puts it will be a reality.

Hishammuddin the UMNO VP and Home Minister can’t wait for the battle to begin as he told us at audie61 but he knows also that BN musts be well prepared and all machinery musts be in tandem.

PM Najib is careful not to take anything forgranted and that has been his nature and he will weigh up all options for the BN coalitions “winnable” candidates. He will timed the election date to BNs advantage and eventhough the opposition says its unfair there is nothing they can do about it.

Surely,they will do the same if one day they are in power. Did not Selangor and Penang say they will not join the elections in November.Have they forgotten?

The Ybs/MPs are the peoples representatives and they know what they want and are capable of doing. They will protect their positions at all costs and those aspiring ones will try to get a foothold on the seats which are within their reach.

One Political analysts said it clearly,”Nothing Personal,It’s only Politics.We will continue to serve our master that looks after our rice bowls. Beyond that,REMEMBER AS YOU READING THIS one have to look elsewhere to maintain their needs and wants.” Will you not do the same.?



2 thoughts on “Pakatan/BN “YB’s New Trend..??”

  1. zainuddin says:

    Bring on the elections now. Pakatan will show BN the door and many MPs would be out of jobs and so will YBs.Pakatan justs cannot wait for the dissolution. Najib do it now.

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