Najib”Bloggers Cyber-Warfare”

PM Najib in his Presidential speech mentioned specifically that ‘the playing field’ has changed. He has over the past few months while meeting bloggers,facebookers,twitterers and the social media fraternity that this political war is real and its happening. You have to accept the new media has taken over the political landscape in Malaysia.

PM himself an avid twitterer and a facebooker says he will lead the charge against the Pakatan onslaught and he has high hopes that BN will take the challenge to Pakatan. It is no more a one way traffic but now the engagement will be intense and all lies and misinformation will be dealt with accordingly and accurately.

PM Najib touched on the New media ,”Keduanya, media baru. Mahu  tidak mahu, suka tidak suka, UMNO harus menguasai media baru kerana  hari ini, detik ini, ia mampu menentukan kemenangan atau kekalahan. Ia  berupaya mendatarkan “the playing field” atau ia turut boleh menjadikan  satu pertarungan itu, tidak setara. Dari yang demikian, orang UMNO wajib  mengetahui cara-cara untuk memanfaatkan media baru demi survival parti.

Memenuhi maksud dan menjiwai realiti baru juga, UMNO selaku sebuah  parti siasah yang dinamik, tidak boleh hanya sekadar hebat bertempur  dalam pertarungan lalu, kita semestinya juga menjadi juara dalam  berperang di medan laga terkini.

We have earlier covered this subject and Click HERE to view:-


2 thoughts on “Najib”Bloggers Cyber-Warfare”

  1. Congrats on your collection of new “Chief” titles. As SPDP UMB Chief, can you shed light on whether SPDP has a website and, if not, why not?
    I googled SPDP and came up with SOMALI PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and something about “Classic heterobifunctional, cleavable crosslinkers. SPDP is widely used in immunochemistry; conjugates used in drug carrier systems, antibody production and …

  2. Tq BTW can you check with the Headquarters on the site 082-570805 or better still write to them at Lot 158-160 Section 20 KTLD 9F-9H jalan Badruddin. I am sure that the staff will answer to that. We are by the way as the name suggests New Media Unit and we are mostly blogs,twitterers and facebookers. We are not the traditional website.

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