SPDP Updated PC on 25th November 2011

President SPDP William Mawan read from a prepared text but he was still cool eventhough the pressure from the Press/Media was boiler hot. He started like what Peter Nansian said at his PC at MJC  amonth ago but with a twists to it.

Even before the prepared speech he said the SC was a normal meeting in preparations for the GE13, receiving reports on the ground from all concerned and also with the goings on he trusts that all members will be matured enough to take a GAG-ORDER from the party. In other words there should be a “cease-fire

This is what he said and we also posted in Facebook,”Today is the saddest day of my life says President of SPDP William Mawan “he said the party has sacked Sylvester Entri” the others are no longer SC members while Tiki Lafe will not be renominated.”

The President has followed the rule of the law according to the constitution of the party and the final say was down to the majority of the members of SC. It was deliberated at length at it took  nearly 3 hours. We were looking at SC members in deep discussion,taking time off to ease themselves and the pressure was mounting as we can see from their faces and their body language.

The party comes  first and the decision was to sack Slyvester Entri from the party and the remaining 4 giving them time to mend their ways and hopefully they will find a way to return. Also Tiki Laffe will not be renominated as the election committee has got a number of names who are ‘winnable” for BN as the ground reports suggests.

President Mawan had to take the decision and he even said we need to use the constitution wisely and not justs throw the book at their wrong doings.

He is a True Gentleman even at Turbulent Times.

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