Rela ‘Takes Over”

Cindy of audie61 was curious to say the least. She investigated with the assistance of the security guard at Queen’s court where the Federal Auditing Office is housed. What is actually happening? They saw these two RELA personnels going to each and every car parked and looking at the window screen.

OMG.!! Rela taking over job from JPJ and Police checking Road Tax. Do they have a “right”? If they were accompanied by the Police that should not be a problem. But these two were seen going through the vehicles which was at Queens Court Kuching Sarawak.

Soon JPJ and Police will be irrelevant?

There has been one too many wrong ‘calculated” moves recently by government authorities of late. What if the complaints reach fever pitch as RELA is being nosy and prying into private vehicles surely one will have to answer for this. Someone even commented when we posted in FB-[ What if the Rela personnels come face to face with armed criminals, will the the Rela  be able to handle the criminals?}

Please tell me next also it will be RELA manning ROADBLOCKS checking driving licenses.

Enough of misusing all these funds and there are also too many of them on the beat with the police officers stationed in shophouses. Do we need to take pictures to show everyone.?

Soon it will be a Parliamentary debate …

3 thoughts on “Rela ‘Takes Over”

    • WongLe says:

      What the fck.. this pics taken at Kuching Srwak what umno got to do with it? A good example – a brainless fellow with such stupid comment..

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