111111..What Changed in your Life..??

Numbers are very significant in our lives. We were born at what time,what date and what year. There is no such thing as someone telling you ,”I don’t believe in numerology.”Do you believe that the person next to you now is watching your every move. He is looking at his watch determining and taking notes of what he has seen and jotting it down.

I’m not kidding and thats the truth

What really happened for you on 111111. In Malaysia in the political sphere many held their breadth and waited for the great announcement of  PM of Malaysia Najib Razak saying,”Parliament is dissolved” It did not happen and many political pundits were left to speculate for another day. Najib even said to the reporters they would not be an election this year. So will he take a year to change things by going for 21-12-12. (see below article extracted from a blog source)

As for the couples it was a very busy day for mosts of them who has taken the significant steps of saying,”I DO” to each other. We at audie61 wished them all the bests and may they live a very fulfilling lives together for better or worse,in sickness and in health and for all the good times and in bad all throughout their married life. Some may cherish this moment 111111 all through their human life while some sad to say will fall apart.

Did you do that or did you do something more significant. Only you would know and will remember it for the rests of your life and when 211212 comes along you will say,”111111 i did that and my life changed…

Oooohhhhhh Yeeeaaaahhhh..!!

The article below is extracted with thanks…… 

11:11 Phenomenon, 11/11/11 & 21/12/2012

The winter solstice of 21-12-2012 marks the end of the Mayan Long Count cycle. This occurs at 11:11 universal time. This fact opened a Pandora’s box of interesting new 2012 linked data.

Some years ago amidst my explorations of occult subjects I discovered the cult of interest surrounding the specific time 11:11. This movement came about due to peoples peculiar experiences with that time or with the number 1111. Generally speaking this was a matter of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence.

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The 11:11 phenomena’s participants would find that most days they would happen to look at a clock at exactly 11:11 or perhaps 23:11. Some tried to explain why this was happening.

The most popular explanation was that a group of higher being, or angels, were using it to bring themselves into human awareness.  This explanation became very popular and spawned numerous groups and books. This interpretation of 11:11 phenomena is however not of great interest to most 2012 researchers like myself.

The number 11 in both singular and duplicated form has great importance for 2012 related astrology, prophecy, numerology and history. Lets just start by making everyone aware that if we take the Mayan symbol for 11 and then duplicate it, flip its duplicate, shift them both ninety degrees, we have the image of 11:11.

Of course 11 has its own numerological meanings. One numerological interpretation is that it marks the beginning of new cycles, increased spiritual leanings and compassion. It is considered as one of the master numbers, those few that are not reduced by the addition of the constituent numbers.

This number and specifically the time 11:11 being so linked to the December 2012 event has stunned many of those experiencing these temporal synchronicity events.  Indeed it has shocked some of the supernatural and occult subject researchers who had long begun to ignore the phenomenon, myself included.

I have myself experienced many 11:11 temporal synchronicity events. Additionally I have 1:1 in my birth-date, which on an intuitive level always felt some-how important to my life quest. It was the synchronicity of separate personal contacts having sent me 11:11 related data within hours of one another that brought this subject up again actually. Logging into a 2012 site in which to post a follow up I found myself on post number 1111 of the web thread!

An important element of the 21-12-2012 subject is the contemplation of Solar dynamics and Solar behaviour. I am no Heliophysicist or particle physicist so will rarely brave explaining any magnetospheric dynamics in relation to 2012. Even respected ‘experts’ on the science behind the workings of our nearest star admit that they do not have complete models. New understandings are constantly being reached in this area of astrophysics.

There is no doubt that the Sun’s erratic behaviour has massive effects on Earth’s biosphere. We sometimes forget that we do not merely orbit the sun but rather reside deep within its magnetosphere, the invisible part of the sun that extends out as a spherical bubble enclosing the inner planets

Many experts have contended that changes in atmospheric ion count for example can effect human and animal behaviour, as well as our bio-clocks. Thus influencing biological, physiological and behavioural patterns of all living things. Certainly we know that some frequencies of radiation from the sun can effect cell division or brain functions. Excess or lack of certain frequencies and types of solar radiation have been observed to give radical effects on human beings under laboratory conditions.

The reason why the Sun becomes important in the 11:11 subject is not simply the solstice point in our calendar. It also happens to be that the sun’s magnetic field operates a cycle of polarity reversals averaging 11.11 years in length. The next peak of this cycle happens to be in the year 2012 and has been predicted by some astrophysicists to likely be a very active maximum. Some posit possibly the most active since the end of the last ice-age.

There are also important 11 year cycles in human population growth in respect of birth rates.

Even more incredible is the finding that the entire mass of the black hole central to our galaxy spins once every 11 minutes.

Nikola Tesla, the unsung hero of science whom gave us such wonders as alternating current (imagine not having that!), was very interested in the Sun. Although a hard scientist he was also rather superstitious about numbers, and held the perhaps strange belief that the Sun and the Earth were dynamic living organisms. A belief held by many indigenous peoples of the America’s. I mention this because on some level I am left wondering if the Sun is either consciously or by unknown natural mechanisms communicating with the life forms that inhabit its sphere of influence.

Is the Sun, our temporal governor, speaking to us through the very devices that display its movement through the divisions of the day. Could this really be like the elephant in the living room that nobody wants to see. The sun having an 11.11 year cycle, the winter solstice of 2012 falling at 11:11 and people all over the world finding themselves bombarded with 11’s just as science is predicting some kind of majestic solar event at the peak of this current cycle seems more than coincidence.

One rather dire possible event is the Earth being hit by a massive Solar event such as the November 2003 monster X-ray flare that erupted from the Sun. This was the most powerful solar flare ever recorded at X-28. It blinded the NOAA GOES satellite for 11 minutes.

There is even a cosmic 11-11 mystery. Two comets called 34D/Gale and Boethin, have mysteriously vanished. Both of these were 11 year period objects!

Interestingly 11’s have played important roles in recent history.  The 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day is the official moment of remembrancefor the lives lost during, and cessation of, the terrible fighting in Europe during WWI. Two minutes of silence are observed, a pair of 1’s yet again.

More recently we have the initiation of a war on September 11-01, which may yet be remembered as the start of WWIII. It also transpires that 111 in numerology is a ‘power number’ related to fresh modes of thinking applied to new cycles in life‘s play.

The TowerIt is of additional note that not only did we have the start of the war-on-terror on the 11th September, but that it was heralded by the destruction of the two great world trade centre buildings appearing to stand above the New York skyline in the form of an enormous 11.The 1st plane that impacted was flight 11 with 11 crew on board.

An aspect of 9-11 not mentioned much is that card number 16 of the classical Tarot portrays a tower struck and crumbling away with people falling. The card appears in Tarot spreads as an indicator of massive tumultuous and painful changes before something new can appear. It was as though the symbol for massive turbulent changes just leap off our Tarot card and onto our TV screens.

As a 21-12-2012 subject matter researcher, it would be perhaps ironic if I had missed the timing of the event in relation to that subject. The events of that fateful day occurred just over 11 years from the end of the Mayan calendar. Was this a vast cosmic herald of great change relating to the numbers 11, 111, 11-11?

Its also interesting to note that the very numbers of the solstice date 21 12 2012 combined give us the number 11 once again. Almost like a fail safe, just in case we were too dumb to notice all the other 11 related patterns!

One fun mathematical oddity is the fact that 1111 multiplied by 1111 gives us 1234321. This forms two sides of a structure like a small Maya stepped pyramid in numeric form. In terms of the much vaunted ‘New Age’ and the coming of the era of Aquarius it is notable that the water bearer is the 11th sign of the zodiac cycle.

Interestingly 1111 days before the 2012 solstice is the date 6-12-09. The fact that 6, 9, & 12 are sequential multiples of perhaps the most highly regarded spiritual number 3 is a notable fact. For my part 3, 33, 333 & 3:33 have been the numbers that follow me through my life more than any others in relation to synchronicity. The 11 link returns when we divide 33 by 3 which of course give us 11 once again. Also don’t forget that the date 9-11 can be seen in numerology as 333-11.

Another notable date is of course 11-11-11 which may well present some interesting suprise for our planet. I have noted that on previous dates such as 10-10-10, 09-09-09 etc. important events have happened. I will be writing more on this in a seperate article nearer the time to include both my actions and expectations for that date.

Perhaps the most powerful lesson inherent in the number 11, is that there is one, and next to it there is one. I am another yourself, and you are another myself. Each is one. All are one. There is only one or lak’ech as the Maya say.

If only all mankind could find in that a simple positive message.

3 thoughts on “111111..What Changed in your Life..??

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Too right. We waited for the dissolution as there were so much speculations and many saying sure one its Najibs favourite number 111111 and still nothing happened. Good one something comparable to Anwar saying Pakatan taking over the Fedral government on 916 .
    How easily fooled are we. Good article my freinds in audie61.

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