“Chinese Gold Can ..?”


How very true as this athlete from China found out only through her twin daughters. They raised suspicions after finding that parts of her prize won were broken and that was the “PURE GOLD CAN”

The gold can was awarded to each athlete that won the Barcelona gold in 1992 and they was supposedly made of pure gold worth 200 grammes.The company that gave the pure gold can was the biggest soft drink company Jianlibao Group.

The firm established in 1984 has since plunged into a crisis in 2005,when poor management and stiff competition from international rivals like Coca-Cola and Pepsi led to a total debt of more than one billion yuan.(RM$490 mil)

The poor athlete.Many are out there too..

What has she done besides getting legal help.? She needs to tell the whole world that there exists this sort of unscrupulous people/companies and we need to be very careful of all the things which are promised.

Justs remember don’t be fooled by FOOLS GLITTERING GOLD. In this technological savvy world there are many who are getting fooled unknowingly and we need to be on guard all the time. No matter how much lessons  we go through its GREED that always have the better of us.