“Facebook,Tweets,Blogs..No,No ..In China..?”

Gosh..!! My business partner told me last weekend now not only Facebook and twitter “ tweets” are not available in China “AT THIS MOMENT OF TIME” but also wordpress and blogspot. They have their own VERSIONS which are similar but controlled.

Could this aricle which is published be own of their reasons.

 Why are the Chinese authorities so concerned?

The Chinese Government is well aware of the implications and the power of the social media. They have strict laws and reservations on the internet and has a “HAWKEYE” on whoever are creating some sort of dissenting voices against the Government. They have seen the ARAB SPRING and the government has taken steps earlier to minimise the risks.

China’s economical and financial muscle is thriving at a speed which is Phenomenal but there is a clapdown on the usage of “outsider blogs” which many feels that they have a ‘divine right to do so”


4 thoughts on ““Facebook,Tweets,Blogs..No,No ..In China..?”

  1. phyllis says:

    Good on the Chinese.Stop too much Western influences/interferences. They have the right you are correct.Its their country.Taken note mate.

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