SPDP Youth “Sack them..!!”

SPDP Youth which held its Exco Meeting yesterday at the dynasty hotel put in a very strong recomendation to the Supreme Council of the party. The meeting was attended by 19 out of the 23 members.

Youth Chief Robert Ayu who spoke to audie61 said,”it’s been too long and the youth members feel that the time is now for the action and we have had a press conference and we unanimously agreed upon that the Youth Wing and Exco’s present finds there is no alternative left but to,”Sack Them” Of course we respect the findings of the disciplinary committee but we need to show the wing is solidly  behind the party and any recalcitrants should be dealt with accordingly.

In our twitter yesterday about 22 hours ago we put this up in the presence of the youth  chief Robert and secretary Tony chen,‘Spdp youth issued a statement” that SC shd sack the 5 recalcitrant ybs as per Robert Ayu.’

Robert says he will present his report to the SC which will be held anytime soon justs before the Council Negeri meeting scheduled to begin on the 14th of November.


10 thoughts on “SPDP Youth “Sack them..!!”

  1. kpt99 says:

    As i have said before,Mawan doesn’t have the gut and bold enough to further comment on themselves,what more to say sack them.

  2. kpt99 says:

    It’s just rhetoric,it happens in any political parrty, these old,hard headed leaders will stubbornly hold on to power till their last breaths.For simple reasons they are very suspicious and doubtful of the capability and ability of the youths.

  3. phyllis says:

    As always there must be a decision for the party to survive. No need to have the niceties anymore for anyone. They are not bigger than the party. Time to ACT and deliver SPDP

  4. kpt99 says:

    Nice to share mahatir : questions it’s Importance or Impotence of his PPSMI ?.

    Take note and remember that PPSMI is not designed for purpose of learning of English language BUT to acquire the knowledge of modern dynamic scientific knowledge in English.

    It is more practical rather translating all terminologies or scientific to our own BM,then learn and master,it’s just waste time and energy.

    It not surprise that in one day ,when other countries have started producing flying cars while Malaysians are still flying kites in kampungs.

    Evaluate the learning system of MBMMBI in Maths and Science mooted by Muhiyydin, Primary 1 to 6,mother tongues, Form 1 to 5 in BM then Form 6 ,matrikuaksi ,foundation and tertiary education in English

    With this system,mahatir says he more optimistic Msia will produce more half-baked languages graduates or multi-rojak grads rather than scientists and high quality engineers

  5. kpt99 says:

    Another talking point to arise soon,slaughtering of cows in schools and public premises during Hari Raya Korban, as mentioned by MCCBCHT

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