GE13:”Sarawak/Sabah BN’s Lifeline….!!”

It’s been a  number of hectic days going into November with all the Catholic Christian days of Holiday of Obligations in All Saints and All Souls Day. Alas, I can now set my mind on something which was also been at the tip of my tongue. Lets shout it loud,”

Najib you need Sarawak and Sabah to deliver.

At ground zero in Peninsular BN will not have an easy ride no more like previous general elections. Pakatan is better prepared and moreover thare are one- two many issues which are not very “people friendly” and it might justs sway the fence sitters. No need for me to further elaborate here as it has ALREADY left some bad after taste on the general public as a whole.

“Shout…. Let it all Out” A song by UK band Tears for Fears can bests describe this article which I came across and extract this paragraph ,”If 18 out of the 20 seats now held by MCA, MIC and Gerakan falls to non-BN parties, then BN-Umno will be dependent on Sarawak and Sabah.
And if Sabah and Sarawak do not extend the lifeline to Umno and BN in Semenanjung, then the ruling coalition will find themselves on the opposition bench .”

The full article is written by a former Umno state assemblyman  and he is well versed on the current political situation. Click HERE for the full version.

It’s a good article but it could even be better if he has added this in. In the article he should have mentioned many thanks ,never mind a million thanks to the Sarawak and State BN leaders for keeping the Federal government intact until now.

The 916 Propaganda of 30 BN leaders hoping across is still very much fresh as far as Sarawak/Sabah leaders are concern. The Taiwan trip and the infighting which hampered UMNO must not be discounted until it saw to the fall of Abdullah Badawi.

I tweeted today something simple,”Today is remembrance day,”ALL Souls Day” we treasure the memories of those who have passed on and pray for those who are forgotten by others.”

When the writer said,”opposition bench” it strikes a note and I will remind those who are holding powers in the Federal government in that ,if you forget the two East Malaysian States it will be your downfall. You could be even out of a JOB the day after the elections…


7 thoughts on “GE13:”Sarawak/Sabah BN’s Lifeline….!!”

  1. We Sabahans have learnt our lesson being independant. BN provides but there are too many UMNO factions here all wanting to grab power.Soon it will be full blown.

  2. The two east states had been ill treated since the formation of Malaysia should have move out from the stores in the bungalows long time ago.

    Being treated like lembu punya susu,sapi yang dapat policy of UMNO,these 2 step states are greatly lagged behind and now remain the poorest states in Msia.

    There are many economic studies that Swak and Sabah are on par with Brunei for not joining Malaya.Just have a look at what Singapore now ?.

  3. The most likely date for PRU will on March 2012,weeks before schools’s 1st semester break as most of election staff or officers involved teachers.
    Further many schools too will be used as polling stations and tallying centers.
    To say that the poll may fall in the months of Nov ember and December is very unlikely as 2 public exams SPM and STPM are going on until mid December.

  4. Spot on mate! You are correct in saying BN needs Sabah and Sarawak to deliver. Who knows who will frog across when its too close to call.

  5. All university students will definitely vote against BN if Putrajaya insists to proceed with the appeal to federal court after the appeal court’s ruling on UUCA as unconstitutional.Judiciary Vs Legislative ?.
    All eyes on the law minister and AG now and anxious to see what is their next course ?

  6. DPM U-turn on PPSMI for fear of backlash on polls.

    With this all students can continue these 2 subjects in BM or BI till 2021 in secondary schools.

    Thanks to Page

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