PRU13 “Pakatan Joining In December/March..??

Oooh Yeah.. Just being reminded by a component Sarawak State BN Secretary-General that he will be taking the flight out today to KL. Nerve racking for sure he says as on November 1st Najib will be meeting BN State leaders in Putrajaya.

The adrenalin is building up as he spoke to us as he anticipates that the PM will be asking a million and one questions on his party. Well,we shall know soon wouldn’t we? The signs plus signals are positive that the PM wants to consider all options before he announces the Parliament dissolution to prepare for GE13. Could he justs..hmmm?

A party member joined in to say one thing remains ,”Will the Pakatan states throw in a spanner in the works. Somehow my gut feeling is that Kelantan will join in as if they delay they will be experiencing an onslaught by BN. This way if GE called in December or in March they will join in. The other states of Selangor,Penang and Kedah will opt out and gauge how Pakatan performs in the GE13.”

Absolutely,they have got nothing to lose by waiting. The mandate is given by the people of the respective states and they will see it out serving the people who voted them in. 

The twists might even be that one or two of the BN States co-opted out and just concentrate on the Federal elections to also derail Pakatan. Anything is possible in politics.



13 thoughts on “PRU13 “Pakatan Joining In December/March..??

  1. phyllis says:

    Last i know of my friends in Penang tell me the State govt will make use of the full mandate given to them. Sure Selangor ,Kedah and Kelantan will do likewise.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

      :lol: Even though financial is control by bn in putrajaya….Pakatan control states supported by MAJORITY RAKYAT really did a good jobs with good FDI performance too….n caring for the Respected Senior citizens too….. :lol:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  2. Bernard K says:

    BN dont have all the pwoers thats why they are scared to dissolve now. Its a very tricky situation for BN. False move Federal Government will fall to Pakatan. Nothing to lose for PR Govt’s. The people will vote them back in the states where they administer now.

  3. kpt99 says:

    Billy Abit,Hulu Rejang MP stole the limelight in Parliament sitting yesterday by lambasting Deputy minister of Health.

    He told DM that he had been asking the same question for the past 30 years in this house, it was sickening and sad that i received the same answer all the time.

    Billy had been requesting ministry of health to pay attention to rural health problems by upgrading and improve facilities which are all in poor state.

    He surprised the house by saying that , ” if a KL boy die,the whole nation knows while tens of Penan boys die,nobody know “. What is that ?.

    The govt should remember that these are the people who sacrificed the most for glamorous 220 metre rock-filled dam in the world.

    I would to remain this house that ” life is life “,there should not be any different between those in rural or urban,rich or poor, Datuk or datuk in kampung.

    The opposition praised him as exclusive and said that their bungalow’s door is always open.

  4. kpt99 says:

    Syok Sendiri Kapit District Council as published year ago was awarded with 5 S rating akin to Japanese way of rating exemplary public institutes now turn up to be the worst financial management council as reported by AG .
    Headed by strong cony of PRS,Philimon who once discredited Larry Sng for doing nothing for the Pelagus people in his tenure as ADUN

    He is more interested in contesting in election than carrying duties as a responsible leader,

    Nonsensical programs like family day, picnicking, wasteful study trips,karaoke,barbecue and recently so-called agenda 21,to be held as far as long Urum in the interior part in Belaga costing huge amount of taxpayer precious money which have no effects and benefits to the public at

    Assisted by a team of lowly educated,some with mere primary education and incompetence councillors who only want publicity and pictures to be posted in papers make the whole management run down the drain even faster.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

      :roll: since perkosa i’BRA’him nap during parliament meeting….ZzZzzzzZzZZZZZ :roll:

      Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  5. kpt99 says:

    For your evaluation, DPM’s flip-flop policy of learning Maths ans Science in schools.

    He says govt knows the best for all and decision should be respected.

    Students who had been learning these 2 subjects for 9 years,primary one to Form 3 will have to switch to BM in Form 4 and 5 in 2012, when his MBMMBI stats.

    After completing Form 4 and 5,they will then switch back to English Form 6,matrikulasi and.
    tertiary education,

  6. kpt99 says:

    1 Malaysia civil service participation,Semua jabatan pendataran negeri akan ditutp selama 3 tiga.

    Reason all staff in the dept are 95 % malays

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