PRU13 “Pakatan Joining In December/March..??

Oooh Yeah.. Just being reminded by a component Sarawak State BN Secretary-General that he will be taking the flight out today to KL. Nerve racking for sure he says as on November 1st Najib will be meeting BN State leaders in Putrajaya.

The adrenalin is building up as he spoke to us as he anticipates that the PM will be asking a million and one questions on his party. Well,we shall know soon wouldn’t we? The signs plus signals are positive that the PM wants to consider all options before he announces the Parliament dissolution to prepare for GE13. Could he justs..hmmm?

A party member joined in to say one thing remains ,”Will the Pakatan states throw in a spanner in the works. Somehow my gut feeling is that Kelantan will join in as if they delay they will be experiencing an onslaught by BN. This way if GE called in December or in March they will join in. The other states of Selangor,Penang and Kedah will opt out and gauge how Pakatan performs in the GE13.”

Absolutely,they have got nothing to lose by waiting. The mandate is given by the people of the respective states and they will see it out serving the people who voted them in. 

The twists might even be that one or two of the BN States co-opted out and just concentrate on the Federal elections to also derail Pakatan. Anything is possible in politics.