Pakatan/BN Dec 2011 D-Day..??”

I feel excitement in the air. I can feel chills and shiver. We are not talking about Christmas……hmmm nor are we talking about the December Mega-Sales.

 Or… we could justs be the Prophets of Doom.We were informed that the BN MPs and YBs are on 24/7 standby for the General Elections 13. They already know..

Not bothered about the Pakatan YB’s plus the 4 States.

Word has it that BN Headquarters are already despatching the BN Paraphernalia to the respective State BN Headquarters. So what does that mean..??

BN is ever ready and their machinery on the ground is ready to engage……



13 thoughts on “Pakatan/BN Dec 2011 D-Day..??”

  1. BN is more interested and concern in defending Putrajaya at all costs rather looking after the needs and welfare of Rakyat at the moments.

    Public should understand and know why politicians are fighting death or life, days and nights to have a share or say in the Nation Coffer after evaluating all irregularities in Auditor General Reports in depth.

    A screw driver worth only RM 32 at market price was purchased at RM 240, 2 units of laptops of Mara were procured at RM 84460, just to mention few

    Malaysia produced politicians are gifted with full knowledge and skilled entrepreneurship like Taib ,Tun M,Musa Aman,Rafidah Aziz,Khir Toyo who are living comfortably in millions mansions.

    Guess how much is their payrolls ?

    As i have said earlier most leaders are inplanted with 5Bs DNA Billions,Benz,Bungalow,Body and Brain.

    Remember the famous quote of Singapore then PM Lee Kuan Yew ” Even a street beggar can become millionaire if turns politician “

  2. Great heard also its very soon.Mosts people predict its in december too. If not its March.Pakatan will not join in as they will use the State machinery to take on BN federal machinery. Strategies at work.

  3. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: 1311 is coming soon….n hope not TERRIBLE FLOODS but TERRIBLE LOST for the bad one!!!!! we are waiting for the final count down……. :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  4. Ng Yen Yen and other 8 ministries come out fast to defend their irresponsible spending

    Auditor General’s report tidak tepat dan banyak kesalahan.

    Kami belanjakan peruntukan dengan telus,bersih,berpatutan,mengikut SOP,

    270 million overpaid on ads,3900 cattle as expected cattle is 8000.Bengoh dam overruns by 54 million, 2 out 300 computer labs constructed at 176 million, 1.7 million paid for shoddy or not commenced works. RM 50000 for a pair of binoculars,465 million to upgrade 1600 km roads done in sub standard jobs.

  5. Mahatir on look east policy,japanese and korea work 10 hours per day as merely 4 hours here in bolehland.

    they dont need tongkats to walk and move forward as bolehlanders fail without it,how to compare speed of rabit and tortoise.

    They apply theory of Meritocracy as to kulitocracy,know what instead of know who,

  6. 2 largest organisations MUTC and pro-PPSMI Parents group issued ultimatum to BN, listen to our plights or we will make having sleepless night during polls.

  7. After announcing the 2012 budget ,Najib is monitoring closely toward the response and sentiments of the Rakyat while waiting to get some feedback from his crews.

    He would act fast once he senses and feels that the election wind is blowing toward his direction leaving no space and time for PR to prepare well from this counter attacks.

    One cannot deny the fact that currently he is facing dilemmas which involve certain sectors of the society that will undermine the results of the election.

    MTUC demand, PPSMI flip-flop and irregularities of Auditor General’s reports could delay his decision to call an early poll.

  8. Today latest news from PAGE,” We help you but you must help us too ” said Page to Najib after his deputy’s insistence on PPSMI abolition though with sincere requests from Page advising him to be flexible and considerate the future of their children.

    Everybody is waiting to see how he will response to the request.

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