Characteristically Boring…SPDP Action

Wait.!Someone knows better than the President of the party. “It’s not true….!”  This goes to show that there are too many hearsays which will not only pull the party down but will be detrimental to its survival.

The President who has had many sleepless nights and is very shortfused now has used this,”In the conduct of war,speed is everything.He has taken the enemy unawares,following the route unthought of and attack the place left ungarrisoned.

The aides who are close to the President are at the moment kept at arms length. Mosts of the theories and whispers coming out from their airwaves are more or less”characteristically boring” says a political observer who specialises in the reshaping of the opponents strategy.

He is even not Alastair Campbell former ex-British premier Tony Blair’s communications chief but he has got one thing right. We were not ready for this as early as 8.15am this morning when the phone rang,”28th Oct Now and still the delay…When then is the SPDP Supreme Council meeting. You need 2/3rds to pass and we are dealing with humans my friend.”

Another sms filtered through,”Time Mawan act as d the high ground will diminish if he prolongs n changes tactics and directions.” This was forwarded and the sms sent back to was simple,”Action being Done

 Is it so…??

Mawan needs to move swiftly to disrupt the opponents without them knowing what will hit them and they will be at a disadvantage. He will try to make victory the only option. Was the one showcause letter delivered all planned? The SPDP5 are coming out with statements which have been used before,”one for all,all for one

In this day and age we are not fighting with the musketeers swords but the political minds are moving so quickly that it will erupt in their faces sooner rather than later.

SPDP5 might just have the lasts laugh but it seems their options are very limited as they do not have the headquarters,youth or wanita wings with them and also the majority of SC members are with the President.

It’s come to a stage where the public and grassroots are justs saying,”pack it in as its getting out of sorts BORING.” Lets be honests but there are still those who are still believing that the SPDP5 will hit well below the belt on the party and reveal something which will bring the party to its knees.

The answer from them,”I don’t think its over justs yet….”