SPDP 5 “Disciplinary Actions….?”

There has been so much written about the SPDP 5,Gang of 5, Separatists 5 and whatever names we have for them they are still 5YBs who are elected by the people and standing on the party SPDP’ticket”. But one thing is certain there have sat out in the sun defying whatever approaches the Party President and his aides have come out with.

We have written more than a handful of articles eversince the crisis broke out in the open in  2010. Amongst which we will like you to click to have more of insights on how the party has survived the insubordination till now. These are earlier articles going back as far back as  January 2010.

There have been also many calls by all the top leaders in the Prime Minister to Deputy PM to the Chief Minister and many others in BN SG and Sarawak BN SG to their own President but still the 5 remains defiant to stay away.

We pick up this to remind them of the very first statement that Mawan said in a PC in which audie61 were present.

,”I am an accomodating person but there are of course limits to what and how much one can take. I am no different and I do FEEL for them as they have been misled and misinformed.

There must be a LEEWAY for them to move and I am providing that path for them and I have forgiven,hope and accepted the fact that they are using their own individual initiatives. Politics is about agreement and not about disagreement and we have to be ABOVE IT ALL and sometimes we have to “SWALLOW OUR PRIDE AND EGO“.I have already mentioned in the Press Conference that I will bear no grudges and as such all incumbents will not be replaced in the coming elections.

Did MAWAN DROP ANY OF THEM at the last elections?

No, he did not and during that time the party set up the disciplinary committee too on 28th February 2010.

As a matter of fact the Supreme Council has to thanked them Separatists 5 for ensuring SPDP will have all the bureaus in place. Thats why we are revamping and making sure this episode is not repeated an we have put in place an independant group to oversee the DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE. They are the following and they will be taking the neceessary actions if and when necessary against Party members who crossed the line.

  • Francis Wong
  • Dr Syafig Abdullah
  • Dr.Roland Mattu
  • Vincent Tan
  • Puan Theresa Udam

Our privilege source told us after the Ulu Teru function last weekend and all the debacle of security threats and sabotage the time is ripe to take the necessary action. The disciplinary committee have already met up and they would look no further than one of them going all out to derail the Presidents visit.

We covered it here:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/spdp-updates-function-in-ulu-teru/

Apparently the disciplinary committee has to thank some one for making their work easier and this direct insubordination with police reports thrown in and other “EXCITING GOODIES PACKAGED IN FOR A WILD WEEKEND IN MIRI” { find out more……hmmmm}

The Disciplinary committee has still to follow the RULE OF LAW which is the party constitution. The reading public would like to be thrown some light into the procedures of the SPDP constitution. We simplify for easy understanding of the processes

Article 24 which is first step taken by the supreme Council has been adhered to.

  • 24 -1 disciplinary board established from time to time as and when necessary
  • 24-2 The composition 5 members appointed by the Supreme Council and not Supreme Council members.
  • 24-3  they can choose any of the 5 listed censure,suspend,expe,lbar or take any other necessary action in the constitution and make recommendation to the Supreme council.
  • 24-4  They will hold inquiry a) given notice b) given right to explain c) option to defend
  • 24-5  Decision by a vote of simple majority
  •  24-6 Deliberations to be tabled at Supreme Council on recommendations/findings from disciplinary committee.

The Supreme Council will be tasked to take the necessary actions and it is not the President who sets the judgement. Lets be very CLEAR ON THIS MATTER and President William Mawan has been very tolerant and he knows the rule of the Law of the party constitution.

The SC will deliberate and they will

a)  expel without hesitation

bdeliberate further with considerations of disciplinary actions such as

  • 1) censure
  • 2)suspend the membership
  • 3)any other disciplinary actions which they see fit.

The SC after going through their deliberations within the confines of the SUprem Council meeting will act and inform the Disciplinary committee to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the member who has violated the party rules. They musts state the exact and specific nature of the charge preferred against the member.

The Constitution also clearly states,”Any decision of the Supreme Council under the article 24 shall be arrived at by 2/3 majority of the votes of the Supreme Council present and attending and such decision of the Supreme Council shall be final and shall not be appealed from and questioned in any Tribunal or Court of Law.

The court of law defines as any court established under the provision of the Fedral Constitution and includes the Sessions Courts and Magistrates established under the Provisions of Subordinate Courts act 1948.

Just for the information of the Separatists 5 this might happen when they try to bring the party to court:-

The judge might just rule that under the relevant provision of the societies act ‘no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit,appliocation,question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of a decision of a political party or any matter relating to the affairs of the party.”

SPDP needs to clear this little irritant/misunderstanding and the CM Taib has already spelt it out clearly,”I must tell you one thing,SPDP is still a very united party on the ground.But probably there is some rivalry at the leadership level.People have got to learn to adjust”  

No one is guilty yet and this article which we wrote says it all:-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/spdp-separatists-5-guilty/ and this we extract too”

NO one is wrong justs yet until the SC meets again

audie61 called DSG Paul Igai this morning to find out when the next SC meeting and he said we are working to accomodate everyone. We see it very clearly that in the party SPDP that even when the last rites are to be delivered and sentencing that goes with it there is still room for FORGIVENESS and REPENTANCE.


7 thoughts on “SPDP 5 “Disciplinary Actions….?”

    • kpt99 says:

      After doing much research on the War strategy of Sun Tzu,he suddenly realise he has to change in order to win the battle.

      Remember elderly friendship advice ” A blow with a word strikes Deeper than a blow with a sword “

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Lets see some action taken then SC of SPDP and disciplianry committee. if not your President is justs a lame duck President. What else is there to say?

  2. kpt99 says:

    Time breeds power,power breeds corruptions and greed.Gang 5 has more economical reasons rather than political struggles to quit SPDP.

    Being BOSS everything is yours be it power or business.Most Politicians are planted with 5 Bs DNA.Billions,Benz,Bungalows,Body and Brain.

  3. kpt99 says:

    Ng Yen Yen,we have a very transparent and clean accounts meaning she is trying to proving to the piblic that Auditor General is totally wrong.We didnt overspend 270 million.

    Aditor General teams lack professionals cant do their jobs efficiently and effectively.Perhaps they can audit Pisang Goreng stalls at kampung.

    Hebat DR YEN YEN with PHD in auditing from Havard UNI but only thinking of millions overseas trips.Jet lagged woman.

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