SPDP Updates:-“Function in Ulu Teru..”

Big turnout of over 2000 people to welcome President of SPDP William Mawan,MP Jacob Sagan and BN entourage at Ulu Teru. SB reports and also verified that 41 Tuai Rumah’s were present together with 2 Penghulus.

Police were on alert for any untoward incidents but the function went on smoothly without any disturbances. President called for all to continue to support the present MP Jacob Sagan and the ruling coalition for continued development.

The whole atmosphere according to a supporter was very well organised and the planning put into it was well worth it.

Next stop for SPDP is the Parliamentary seat of Mas Gading and a function is being planned for the Presidents official visit to Bau.

10 thoughts on “SPDP Updates:-“Function in Ulu Teru..”

  1. kpt99 says:

    This show initial ground investigations and analysis of possible chaos by SB are merely speculations base on hearsay which is common in Macam-Macam Malaysia nowadays.

    One cannot deny the fact that Swak scores and holds the highest mark and level for the practice of 1 Malaysia though with most ethnics as the biggest state in Msia.

    There are actually many blind and fanatical members in any political party who change their minds like that of weather once being influenced where most election campaigners know best

    Remember even to the worst scenario or whatever extreme ” Tongue Wagging but Not Parang Wielding ” is the best philosophy of modern democratic practice for all Malaysians.

  2. Concerned Spdp member says:

    What is Mawan and his team of advisors wish to achieve by “trying to show off” force. Tit for tat?, reconciliation?separation? As it is every moves so far is neither here nor there. Which means this crisis have no end in sight. We the members are getting tired of this charade. By the way, I heard news that only three tua kampungs were left in Ulu teru, TR. John, TR. Kalong and TR. Henry Gomes. The rest, about 30 of them were in Miri. I do not know how many Tuai Rumah are there in Ulul Teru and hence not sure where the 41 Tuai Rumah come from. Thus numbers sometimes does not reflect the true picture on the ground. Therefore its best that Mawan and his advisors should sit down to the drawing board and re-chart better strategies.

  3. sarawakiana says:

    There is counter reaction s from the function in Ulu teru. Mawan is saying he still loves the 5. then appoint Entri as SG. See how long will he be there as President if he does that. SNAP revisited…

  4. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    SPDP please out fro BN if still want to survive. No point to survive under Taib Mahmud regime as he will never forget Ming Court.

  5. dayang says:

    William Mawan this drama too long already.Take action or else your party will be irrelevant after the next GE13. Hidup Pakatan!

  6. audie61 says:

    There has been a lot of very rude,harsh and nonsensical comments especially on the SPDP problems which has been spammed or blocked. Please do not insult your own intellligence as for us to unblock it will mean that you will be justs another “bigot or extremist”.
    Your cooperation on this matter is very much appreciated.

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