SPDP Ulu Teru Function Postponed…”

The much awaited Ulu Teru Function and visit by SPDP President William Mawan to Marudi with MP Baram Jacob Sagan and his supporters on the 23rd of October 2011 has been postponed until further notice.

At press time the President and his close aides will be meeting at his house tonight.

The function was Called OFF by the Special Branch as there is a possibility of a threat to the President and his entourage. We were informed by a reliable source that the SB has called up YB Tiki and YB Nansian to their office as this was directed by Bukit Aman SB.

According to our squad member waiting for the meeting to convene he said,”Mawan was still keen to go ahead but he was advised not to by the Police.  He will go as soon as the Police gives the clearance as the SPDP and BN supporters are already very disappointed by this postponement.”

More will be posted in the local dailies tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “SPDP Ulu Teru Function Postponed…”

  1. Wow..despite DPM’s blessings on the function, the Bukit Aman’s Special Branch believed, “There is a possibility of a threat to the President and his entourage”?..okay, I guess safety comes first, Hi Audie :)

  2. Well justs have to wait for another day. Actually was looking forward to the function as would be travelling with my friends from Miri.

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