SPDP 5 “Days Numbered”

In the last few weeks the mass/media,facebook,twitters,stumbleupon and internet blogs have been “choked with the never ending story of SPDP and its saga with 5 YBs” The whole battlefield has even been shifted to an even higher ground to the far reaches of Marudi at Ulu Teru,Baram.

There has been counter actions and reactions from both sides and it has been a very sorry state of affairs and it has now come to a stage where the Federal Government and leaders are showing concerns.

This morning the local english daily carried this story:-SPDP top leaders told to solve their own problems. The article is posted below. There has been a call by the party for unity in an sms which has been circulating round and our fellow blogger Whizzekid has even posted it up in Bahasa Malaysia:- http://whizzekid.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/persetujuan-dpm/

The sms reads,'”we already have the blessings from the DPM to proceed with the Baram visit.DPM said the visit is to the Parliamentary seat of Baram by Vice chairman of Barisan National and a State Senior Minister (Tan Sri william Mawan)Baram BN MP Dato Jaco who is the MP for state seats of both Telang Usan and Marudi together with BN MP’s supporters.

Any resistance is tantamount to obstructing BN and Rakyat programme and deemed as blatant anti BN action.”


Paul Igai

(Deputy Secretary General and Political Secretary to CM Sarawak) 

An aide in the CM’s department has told us that the CM is very happy that Mawan has been invited by DPM for a briefing of the current disagreement in opinions in the party. The news will be headlined and highlighted by all the major tabloids in the city. The SPDP 5 Ybs are indeed being cornered an according to the aide CM said they will be facing a natural death in due time.


The article which appeared in the english daily

MIRI: Thirty longhouse chiefs, political and community leaders from SPDP Marudi Division are urging the top leaders to resolve the party’s internal problem and not drag the problem down to the grassroots to avoid jeopardising BN strength in Baram.

Their spokesman Penghulu Nyandang Rungking of Sungai Sebulu said the solidarity and unity of the grassroots were critical to the BN in facing the coming general elections, and Marudi had a track record of being a BN stronghold which should not be compromised.

Twenty-sevenlonghouse chiefs and SPDP sub-branch chairmen from Marudi Division said they supported the earlier statement made by Henry Gomes Chaling, TR Abok Jabu and Cr Kalang Ami, and SPDP Nabor sub-branch in advising the president against making a visit to Ulu Teru on Nov 22-23.

“We, the grassroots leaders were not informed of the visit which is said to be leader-with-the-people session, and only knew of it through the radio. We are afraid that the leadership crisis would spill over to the grassroots if he were to go ahead with the visit (to Ulu Teru),” he said.

The longhouse chiefs also said the timing was wrong for party president Tan Sri William Mawan to visit Ulu Teru or any other longhouses in the area.

“We are not against the government, the party president or the party. We are only against disunity which could harm the BN’s winning chances and the good track record of Marudi and Baram as BN strongholds,” they said.

They wanted the internal crisis to be resolved first before Mawan could go to the ground because as grassroots leaders, the people on the ground were the front liners in the fight to ensure BN victory in the coming poll.

They also said that they should not be held responsible if BN were to lose the election in Baram if their collective call to preserve unity fell on deaf ears.

They also said that the party president should have communicated with the respective branches and community leaders in Marudi and also the office of their elected representative Datuk Sylvester Entri if he (Mawan) wanted to visit them.

Nyadang added that if Mawan were to come bringing with him development projects to Ulu Teru, he was most welcomed, “but leaders with hidden political motives are not welcomed at the grassroots level”.

TR Engkas Entari of Sungai Mallang Sanin said that “lecturing ” the people here was not wise (Marudi) as their assemblyman scored the biggest winning majority among all SPDP candidates in the last state election.

“If it is an election campaign, he (Mawan) is welcomed to come anytime to help the BN win,” he said