SPDP5 “Burn the Bridges”

The Press conference at MJC Peter Nansian’s office was tense as the reporters feared the worst for the party. Even a reporter said,”Bombshell Coming.” and he must have got wind from inside sources within the SPDP5 that this would not be an ordinary PC. This would be the beginning of an end to the cordial relationships that has existed for so many years of the political friends.

They the SPDP5 and their faceless members in their thousands have said they have losts the confidence of their party President. They are Insubordination of the party and have no regards whatsoever to the party’s Laws and in fact the Party Constitution. They have “burnt” indirectly the trusts of the party and its members when the party put them up as their candidates.


12 thoughts on “SPDP5 “Burn the Bridges”

  1. dayang says:

    Just remember where to stand when………….
    Say sorry is the best solution and there are two rules in this world.

    1) The bos is always right.
    2) When the bos doing wrong, refer to rule no 1.

    • kpt99 says:

      SPDP will surely split,non dayak political party will be able to grow strong under the harsh and cruel leadership of the longest dictator in Swak.Just look back the history of all the Dayak parties,Berjasa,Panas,SNAP,PBDS,what political landscapes had they gone through.Taib knows that combination or coalition of SPDP,PRS and SUPP can pose danger to his ruling party PBB.Thus by weakening any of these party will reduce risks of toppling him in the worst scenario of his political career.Who is smart ?. Dayak leaders or Melanus ?

  2. Leslie Wan says:

    Karma for Mawan. He did the same to James Wong. Now it is catch up fast with him. That is a fact of life. Bye bye Mr. Mawan. Blue sky bar still got at Batu Lintang kah?

  3. nembiak says:

    Mawan have to be more attention to@/be careful with party outsider agenda. It could be from swk beend pty itselves. Remember ,what happened to D.Daniel (PBDS).

  4. Asun says:

    From the early begining we know this bullshit 5 are planted candidate from PBB. Their presence only to make trouble and make thing come worst to the party.

    Right here rigth now they must be sacked from the party,immedeatly,don’t wait any longer. They lost faith in the party President, this is an insult to the President Party.

    After being made senior minister recently,this Party President have gain trust from the CM. With this bullshit 5 does not trust Mawan as Party President,that means they have no trust in the CM too.
    Until now what is their motive, not to trust thier own party President?

  5. kpt99 says:

    BN MPs urged govt to abolish vernacular schools without knowing what is the definition of ” Legitimate Rights Of other ethnics ” as enshrined in the constitution.

  6. kpt99 says:

    Most BN minor political parties are embroiled with internal fighting except BIG brothers like UMNO and PBB,

    Here in Sawak factionlised parties like PBDS,now PRS,SUPP,SPDP,are all struggling to steady their ships.MCA.MIC and Gerakan in SM are being spared too.

    Simple conclusion to all these struggles is Greedy and power crazy

  7. Political Observer says:

    Who are Mawan loyal friends? It is during time of crisis will we know who our true friends are. Therefore to many members of SPDP and the observing public, they began to question whether Mawan do have any real friends or not. Take the current crisis, the “SPDP 5” give a direct challenge to Mawan, “we do not trust Mawan, Mawan is weak, useless leader, etc.” According to internal sources, Mawan political secretary, also the Chairman of Piasau, Peter Howell, send an sms, which reads, “Gag order lifted, shoot to kill”. By this many SPDP members thought “WWIII” has come. Next day, 10 central zone div leaders come out and said “sack the 5”. The following day, SPDP Wanita Chief, Chew Yen Chew and her committee, come out and said “just a minor” irritation. Nansian, said what the central zone said is not relevant, it’s the acid test for Mawan. Today,Pelagus and kapit division said “sack the five”. At the same time, another Mawan political secretary, Cr. Kijan Toynbee was seen to be having a jolly good time with Rosey (one of the 5), the community leaders in Ulu teru told Mawan to stay out of their area.
    Most political observers are puzzle. So far none of Mawan key allies had ever come out to his defence- the Ybs, Jacob Sagan, Jelaing, judat, even Tiong and Senator Pau…Political secretaries, Paul igai, Liew ah lek, Peter Howell and kijan Toynbee. They are wondering, Wanita Chief, Pemuda Chief, Peter Howell, Kijan Toynbee, whose side are they actually on. Mawan Side? Or SPDP 5?. While Mawan camp looks they are in disarrayed, the SPDP 5, seems a strong cohesive force, “one for all, all for one”. Unless Mawan is a Houdini, he is set to be sent to political oblivion soon. The conclusion of the matter is that Mawan has all the while surrounded himself with ball polishers, people who only want to suck him, people who like to play safe, people who are ready to sacrifice the President to protect their own self interest. If Mawan do not put his act together, it would be too late. Meantime we are watching!!!

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