Blogger”Cheap Thrills and Publicity..”

When all things are not going according to plan the blame game and fingers will have to point to someone. Usually the brunt of it all will either go to the “macai’s” and in this case the axe seems though to have fallen on bloggers and media. No one is wrong and they ‘politicians” are never wrong.

Classic response would be,”I was misquoted

The team member and squad of audie61 has this to say here:- and an extraction from the site reads as ”

Surat khabar Inggeris The Borneo Post menyiarkan berita hari ini “It’s just a cooked up story” pasal Spdp5. “The bloggers and media played up the issue for cheap thrills and publicity.”

Adakah Spdp5 sedang berpecah dan membuat sebarang informasi dan kenyataan yang tidak betul. Atau pun saja suka-suka nak memporak-pegandakan parti?

The SPDP5 should thank bloggers and not shift the blame and we are sure the hurt felt by a blogger in Free Malaysia Today would be like anyone else ‘bloggers” in the blogsphere. The blogs,facebook,twitters are the No.1 tool for passing on information quickly and everyone will know even before its published in the main stream media.

Bloggers would justs tell them now “Why don’t they justs have Press Conference instead of running to us for attention. They need us they call.they don’t need us they dump us in the dustbin.” Even though they might be ministers,celebrities,important dignitaries all valuable and top secret information that gets to the bloggers hands would be investigated.

We have our sources and we know who the person is who “lambasted the media and bloggers” You will be sorry for what you have said and take it from us in the blogsphere. We tell you “Reputation is made in a moment:character is built in a lifetime.

Did this article carry any weight until it was published by the main stream,”“We will be going to Kuala Lumpur next week to meet Prime Minister (Najib Tun Razak) to brief him on what is happening in the party.” Ini adalah petikan dari Free Malaysia Today. Earlier they have asked William Mawan the President to resign? They also went to the press to say they are on Warpath.

  • Have they been cornered?
  • Are they so scared now we drove some home truths to them?
  • Go ahead blame bloggers and pay the price when all shit hits the fan.

Don’t blame others for your action as they will be counter-reactions.

We received this from a political observer which we feel that there is a need to be published:-

The leadership of the SPDP President is duly acknowledged by State Chairman of BN and the majority of party members.The honorifics bestowed on him recently speak volumes of this and the wide support from party members. The SPDP 5 continued attack on the president is thus perceived  as an affront on the StateBN Chairman and CM and it may well point to a possible agenda to undermine CM

What then we asked the SPDP5 that the bloggers have on “personal interests and agenda…????”

Your thoughts are now clouded and you are insinuating and stooping so LOW that all bloggers are paid. Why don’t you just say it and make life easier for everyone.

The band of facebookers,twitterers,bloggers will continue to attack the SPDP5 unless they are man/woman enough to apologise. We say it first and dont think we will not take the next possible action.