SPDP 5..It’s more about…..??”

The English daily headlines today reads,”SPDP 5 on Warpath??” Many people who read it were shocked,unhappy and left a bad taste in their mouth.Those who are closely associated with SPDP are still searching,looking and trying to find answers.

Are there any answers in sight? On one side of the fence the actions have already begun with disciplinary actions in the form of showcause letters being given out while on the SPDP5 the alternative is to seek an audience with the Prime Minister and BN Chairman Najib with explanations and possible solutions to the deteriorating situation.

Sources can confirm that when they spoke to audie61 that the Top Guys meaning the SPDP5 (4 Aduns and 1MP) will be presenting their case to the Prime Minister. He said mosts of us have missed the point and its not about Mawan but someone else. Who? They say its’s more than what meets the eye and be patient and you all will soon know about it.

If the SPDP5 can just go over and meet the PM it does open the floodgates later when unhappiness starts prevailing in any of the BN Component parties. This will be very unhealthy and this particular incident will have a negative effect and it will lead to a very disturbing scenario. This is in direct confrontation to the BN State leadership who is none other than the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

What are they trying to signal? Have they losts confidence in the State Leadership?

All things being equal they are not only pursuing a losts cause but have got themselves distancing further from the very basics of why they join the party in the firsts place. They have no more respect for the party leadership and will even go to the extend of going to Federal leaders first instead of making even an effort to meet the SarawaK BN Chairman in the Chief Minister.

The SPDP5 are tasked and it does appear that they are opening and paving a way for other groups who are not happy to go to the Federal capital and not justs talk and air it all out to big “DADDY”

What do you think PM Najib “Daddy” will do? I don”t have all the answers here but certainly he will listen if they meet him. CM Taib will get to hear about this and OBVIOUSLY he will be very Pleased. I’m sure of that.

PM knows that SPDP has 4 MPs and on Mawans side there are 3(2 deputy Ministers,1 Backbencher Chairman) while SPDP5 has got 1MP(NS Chairman) . He will be diplomatic and as far as numbers are concerned he knows which side has better bargaining powers.

We will wait and see whether the SPDP5 is using the PM visit as a tool for getting more support and if it materialises how it will affect the bigger picture. They say though “its’ more about the other man and not Mawan but Mawan will not let one of his own be left alone battling.

The SPDP5 direct confrontational stances actions will very much mean thats the beginning of an “end to their political careers.” They are making themselves so big that they have no respect to the rule of law and respect for democracy. The bigger family of SPDP members in the party are all baying for their heads and would willingly sacrifice them to ensure the party remains a reliable and strong partner in Barisan National.