Bila SPDP”Correct…..??”

Eversince CM Sarawak mentioned all will be well within BN/SPDP the dirty linens went missing. The disciplinary committee of SPDP went about their business of putting the report with findings and recommendations ready for SPDP Supreme Council meeting.

Mawan the President finds no urgency in this matter,gives the Separatists 5 further”extra time” for them to seek “an olive branch”before he blows the final whistle. According to insider sources the next SC will be held towards the end of October and definitely justs before the next DUN sitting on 12th November 2011. 

3 questions however needs to be answered and hopefully you will be as good as our lawyer friend.

  • 1. Who submitted the name of Rosey to be elevated to be Assistant Minister? Answer….
  •  2. Will the 4 stay out even if Rosey comes back home? Answer
  • 3.Will the axe fall during the next  SC meeting? Answer…….



Wah! you are as good as VK Lingam the senior lawyer who brokered the appointment of friendly judges to senior positions in the judiciary and is well connected and powerful.

 Oooh! I forgot you must be one of those closely connected with PBB who has the final say. Don’t look around as the walls are closing in. We wrote this on March 30th 2010 in which even then CM Taib was even implicated.

Even one Ministers name was mentioned then and this we extract from what we wrote’,”Huh! Tak Ada Lah! Mana mahu Campur! Selalu orang pakai nama aku. Jangan dengar khabar angin saja“{ Huh! No way,Why should I interfere? Everytime people use my name .Dont listen to rumours only}