GE13″Ready for Cyber Warfare..!!”

The English Daily”Borneo Posts” headlined this article in the front page. The State BN/UMB team has set an example. It is hope in the coming GE13, every state will have a united and a togetherness team.

United we Stand,Divided we Fall” played a big part in realising this entity UMB/BN Sarawak. The Sarawak State UMB team is helmed and under the leadership of Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan from PBB and supported by all the component BN parties in the State.

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10 thoughts on “GE13″Ready for Cyber Warfare..!!”

  1. Hulk says:

    Cyber BN vs Cyber Pakatan. …. At least the equation is balance now so no more complaining later be either party to say they did not utilize the Internet to campaign… Going to be an interesting GE.

  2. kpt99 says:

    If BN is to talk about cyber world with PR,it’s miles away.

    BN politicians are not interested in that cos they are very comfortable with the pro BN main medias.

    Other reasons are they are too lazy,just have a look what so called PRS 30 website,30 years never updated ,perhaps the administrator was born lazy DNA. sorry a bit harsh for that

  3. kpt99 says:

    PRS 30 website was launched by Taib in 2009 at Hilton,Kuching but has been sleeping for months since after the sate election.

    Hopefully Taib and Masing will have look at the excellent works of the team so-called young,energetic and highly educated professionals with lawyers,doctors,engineers and more.

    Take it down to avoid further embarrassments and shames

  4. beritamu says:

    Perhaps Anwar should hire them for sodomy trial , Tiong King Sing too should engage them for PKFZ on going court case.Taib should picked them for soon coming trial against Malaysiakini.

    Beside Baru Bain non has achieved any significant result in court which steal the limelight.Perhaps they are more suitable for Polygamous cases like ” Bini saya kena cari orang sebab saya kurang hebat ” cases. tat is all.SDLGA what a nice and good name but superficial, Will Dayaks Leaders employ them with type of lazy DNA like PRS 30

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