BN/SPDP “Supreme Council Meeting….Full Turnout..?”

The agenda has been sent out to all members of the Supreme Council of SPDP via fax and registered posts by the Secretary General of the party. There will also be follow up phone calls by the administrative staff of the party a day to the supreme council. This is our normal procedure and it has always been practised by the party says an aide to the President of SPDP.

There is enough quorum for the meeting which is scheduled for 13th of September 2011 at 1 p.m at the party headquarters. Many will be asking what is in the agenda and our source reiterated to us as at audie61,”Usual and its the normal agenda in political meetings. ”

When pressed further he added,”Hopefully all SC members will be available,present in the meeting ,we will be able to deliberate matters for the better good of the party and the BN coalition as a whole. If some are missing we will cross the bridge when we come to it.”

A SPDP member mentioned to us  and said,” they should know the time and the place of the meeting too ” Just remind them its at Badruddin road and show them the picture.


5 thoughts on “BN/SPDP “Supreme Council Meeting….Full Turnout..?”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    SNAP was turned into a irrelevant party by the group which left the party .Now its their turn to taste the bitterness which they themselves failed to solve. Politics has a way of going one big round and hurt you when you least expect. Prepared for a down in the middle split.

  2. Political Observer says:

    Ha ha ha…nice one audie61.Let see what come out of the SC this time. Hopefully not like usual plenty of smoke but no fire. The strengh of the president to a large extend depend on the members and the public perception. At the moment, Mawan is seen to be weak, therefore like a wounded bull, he is attracting a lot of wolves. Let see whether he can prove his distractors wrong!!! As it is many are getting disillusion and feed up with those low class and childish acts. If its continue, many will leave SPDP and at best be just lukewarm members. By the way we had not heard from “the Head Hunter”- Nyarok. Fact is although he iost in the state election he is still the Deputy President. Like the SG if he (the Head Hunter) could not performed both should resigned and let others do a better job.

  3. concerned SPDP member says:

    well its seem the break in SPDP is imminent. once again the SPDP 5 + 5 SC members were absent again. need a neutral real peace maker who can gives spdp hopes to ever unite again!!!

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