PKR/SPDP “Political Vultures”

The speed in which Vice President Sylvester Entri capitalised on the weaknesses of President Mawan is an opportunity which he has been reminded that he has to exploit. Entri acted fasts with his group who remains intact after the State elections. Mawans right and left arm has been severed in that he not only losts his SG Nelson who was not renominated to stand but also his Deputy President Nyarok who losts to PKR Ali Biju in Krian.

The numbers game now looks like that Entri has 4 Aduns and 1 Mp while Mawan has 3 Mps and 2 Aduns.What remains though according to a close political aide in Mawans camp is,”Who is actually behind Entri and the group? What do they intend to achieve and will they be an End Result.?”

The party will surely be divided no matter what happens now and the only way to see an end to the infighting would be a TDC where the winner takes all. The fractures are highly visible and both sides would not just give in as the real ” war ” in the State elections is already achieved.

 The battles and skirmishes within SPDP will carry on and the vultures will circle around the party hoping to pick up what is left behind. Entri is moving ahead with his agenda and he is fighting for the ultimate prize.He is capitalising on the ever growing disturbing distrusts amongst the party faithful towards the President and sees himself as a Champion in unifying the resources available in the party to achieve his goal.

The President remains unmoved as he knows the majority are with him but the numbers can easily be switched as time and time again political scenarios changes and at times of crisis it will always be very fluid. Certainly there has been whispers on the ground that one or two of the MPs might just take this opportunity to be aligned to Entri as it was mentioned that Mawan has said only ‘winnable candidates” will be picked for the General Elections.

The question is the party can recommend but who has the final say? The ticket is still a “Federal Barisan National Candidate” Of course they will be lobbying for the seat but even if the Party President says he is my man but if the BN Federal Chairman decides otherwise chances are the party still needs to toe the line. Entri according to our source is moving in this direction and he knows that the “strong hidden hands” are all out to assist him. 

Will Mawan be fooled by this political strategy thrown down by Entri’s Hidden hands? Mawan has shown to be cool and calculated unlike Entri as per this newpaper article” was seen as ‘jumpy’ after SPDP president William Mawan advised party members not to create any more factions.” Mawan still has strong man MP Tiong behind him for advise and the financial pull but one cannot underestimate Entri too.

This battle in SPDP needs to be clipped sooner rather than later as the longer it carries on the party will lose its direction and the trusts of its members and the public as a whole. A party which has infighting will surely bear the brunt of the voters. This is a reminder which was mentioned by Azmin Ali then VP now Deputy President of PKR at a dinner in Kuching and in his ceramahs in and around Sarawak,”A party which goes into an elections embroiled in infighting will certainly pay the price by losing the seat. We must capitalise”

BN knows that it musts see an end to this infighting and of course there musts be a ‘negotiator’ in place. It does no good to BN and Pakatan will and make no mistake about it as Azmin has already sounded the battle cry. The cracks in SPDP will surely be an advantage and PKR/Pakatan knows that the 4 seats which SPDP holds will provide them that opportunity. 

The sooner the misconceived disagreements be settled the better it is for BN/SPDP. On paper PKR will also have marked winnable seats from SPDP.

Who will benefit more…..?

The political vultures are circling above and we don’t need to have a political degree to work it out.

7 thoughts on “PKR/SPDP “Political Vultures”

  1. Patrick E says:

    What spdp is doing is good for Pakatan.Carry on as you will be irelevant soon when Pakatan takes over the federal adminstration. Keep on fighting and we encourage it. Well done!

  2. H C Lau says:

    Its now clear that SPDP is having problems inside. The party needs to discipline or they will follow what is happening to SUPP. Sure PKR will be eyeing the seats and there are winnable seats for the Pakatan group.

  3. BigOne says:

    A party that cannot even hold open elections, and a party president who cannot even take challenges to his post in accordance with the tenets of democracy without hurling accusations of treason, has no right to ask for the votes of the rakyat at large.

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