SPDP “Showcause letter..??”

A veteran politician said to audie61,”If the President as so much as gives a directive to the Disciplinary board to take action against the Separatists 5 he is wrong. But if the issue of the “showcause letter” goes through the Supreme Council and is tabled and agreed upon, the President has used the constitution and powers within accordingly and is well sheltered from creating an unpleasant situation. It is not in his hands anymore.


The President will need to seek clarrification and advice from his think-tank to avoid any legal issues from surfacing and amongst the very first action is that they need to refer to article 16 Clause 35(h) where there is NECESSITY to table in the Supreme Council a special committee or Disciplinary Board to deal with this case on an ad hoc basis. Article 17 (f)of the said constitution permits the President to terminate the appointment of any one of all the appointed posts only.

Article 24 will come into play later where the composition,powers,procedures and decision will take into effect after the 5 member team has deliberated and put it up to be endorsed by a 2/3rd majority of votes of the Supreme Council present and attending.

A staunch SPDP supporter telephoned and said,”To me the President does not have a choice and he is being held hostage. He has to resolve this matter sooner rather than later or it will do the party no good in the eyes of Barisan National as we are one of the coalition partners. The party might be considered “weakened” if the 5 separatists leave but the Party as a whole will rise from the ashes to be a stronger as the ‘thorns” have been removed.   

Mawan has been a gentleman no doubt he says but its time to throw the challenge down to them and tell them in so many words that they are not indispensable. There are so many young and upcoming professional party members to fill the vacuum.”

The President needs to take the bold step or else more dirty linen will be washed up in public and the party will be more or less targetted. BN will look after their own and the party needs to be strong enough to take herself up to another level.

The Tombstones will be Engraved for ANYONE who crossed party lines and SPDP is no different. 

6 thoughts on “SPDP “Showcause letter..??”

  1. felicity says:

    This is what a concerned spdp member said i copied:- There is only one recourse for mawan, he need to put his act together. On his side, Mawan, tiong, Jacob, jelaing, wong judat (2 DUN 3 MPs), on the other side, Entri, Tiki, Nansian, rosey and paulus.(4 DUN 1MP). Mawan side is not so promising because the 3 MP will have to face election soon wherelse Entri side only 1 MP. In other words Entri side seem to be more stable. Further the MPs on Mawan side 2 of them that is Jacob and Jelaing are already half past six, old and ineffective, long pass their prime. Tiong too is no longer like he was 3 years ago, with the PKFZ issue haunting him. What option does mawan has—he need to bring in new blood quickly to be his lieutenant…change his sec gen, change his political secretaries, bring in new blood into the surpreme council. Currently he is handicapped bcos he devoid of capable ppl.

  2. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Cakap sahaja SPDP parti nyamuk diperkuda-kudakan Taib. Now is SPDP time, later on PRS time. The only way out to survive out from ailing BN.Period.

  3. sarawakiana says:

    No way to run and no way to hide. its all out war now Entri and geang towards Mawan. No point to patch up as its already been out in the open. Where is Tiong on this?

  4. weina says:

    Mawan too much night clubbing forget about party and this will and is exploding now. Better for him to step aside and enjoy his life than to politic. Tan Sri sudah ada apa mahu lagi?

  5. Marc says:

    The 5 spdp ybs have no respect whatsoever to Mawan and they are all out to destroy and move their own agenda forward. Its clear that they are given the go ahead by their master behind and they will derail Mawan until he submits.Mawan is in big dilemna and in politics they say only the strong survive and Mawan is facing his biggest challenges. Entri and his group will go all out and there is no turning back as the next State elections is a good 4 years away. They are YBs and they will do everything to survive.

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