PKR v SPDP:-Saratok”The Battle rages On..”

SPDP Presidents recent statement of “we have learnt from mistakes made in the April 16 polls and would thus be fielding only winnable candidates in the 13th general elections.” It has really open the floodgates for opinions,rethinking and reengineering from the incumbents and their supporters. It is indeed a fair statement from the President and with it an ultimate aim as one would put it as “NO PARTY WOULD WANT THEIR STRENGTH ERODED BY LOSING SEATS

In the lasts state elections SPDP losts two(2) seats in Krian and Ba’kelalan both to PKR. Both were strongholds of SPDP as it were the seats of the Deputy President and the Secretary General of the party. The President has losts both his left and right hand man and he knows that the party needs to maintain the four(4) remaining Parliamentary seats

SPDP’s four parliamentary seats are P192 Mas Gading currently held by Dr Tiki Lafe, P 205 Saratok (Jelaing Mersat), P217 Bintulu (Tiong King Sing) and P220 Baram (Dungau Sagan). President Mawan statement and stand of late has indeed up the ante and a repeat of the PKR v SPDP in Saratok and Baram seems a mosts likely. Baram incumbent seems to have made his stand and he told the english daily,”he would love another go in Baram as he has many plans for the people.”

Saratok remains a winnable seat for SPDP while PKR has a right to differ. Saratok, with a population of over 50,000 is represented by MP Jelaing Mersat from SPDP. The state constituency of N33 Kalaka is under Abdul Wahab Aziz from PBB, and N34 Krian is under Ali Biju from PKR.  In the lasts state elections Ali Biju defeated Peter Nyarok the SPDP incumbent handsomely.

An insider source reveals to us that Nyarok has not losts all hope and is eyeing revenge by putting his name in the hat as a possible candidate. He is after all the Deputy President of the party and it is highly likely that Jelaing will not be appointed to stand.  The groundswell is very much against Jelaing as his “Batang Hidung” is not even seen at any of the 3 Malay villages . The “malay” votes are important in this parliamentary seat and SPDP will not chance it again as the reports on the ground is anything but kind to the incumbent.

The results below shows how Peter Nayrok was edged out by the PKR candidate at the lasts Sarawak State Elections:-

1. Liman ak Sujang (SNAP)……………………..216
2. Peter Nyarok ak Entrie (BN-SPDP)……..3,088
3. Banyi ak Beriak (Bebas)…………………….125
4. ALI AK BIJU (PKR)………………………..5,178

Jumlah mengundi/Votes Cast…………………..8,674
Undi rosak/Spoilt votes………………………..67

Penyandang/Incumbent: Peter Nyarok ak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
Undi diperolehi/Votes polled: 4,784
Majoriti/Majority: 2,089

Nyarok will make a claim for the seat as judging from the lasts two parliamentary elections SPDP has had very comfortable wins and he is all out to bait PKR assemblyman Ali Biju to stand against him. Jelaing has maintain his silence unlike Jacob Sagan and Nyarok sees this as an opportunity not to be missed to get back at PKR and make up for what he has losts

Word has got to the ears of an aide close to the PKR assemblyman. He said,”any other persons nominated by SPDP our YB will not stand in the parliamentary seat but if SPDP was to renominate Jelaing or put in Nyarok, there is every chance that he will seriously have to reconsider.

Year Barisan Nasional Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct
2004 Jelaing Mersat (SPDP) 11,995 72% Edmund Stanley Jugol (SNAP) 4,450 27%
2008 Jelaing Mersat (SPDP) 12,470 76% Mohd Yahya Abdullah (PKR) 3,764 23%

PKR he said was very pleased with the assemblymans stand in his recent comments on rumours in circulation that ,”he was prepared to jump ship and also join SPDP. Furthermore he reiterated that ” he was a staunch Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) man and that was where he would remain.”

Ali is definately toying with SPDP and as he knows Nyarok very well. Nyorok being a fighter in his own right had tested the bitter pill and he will do his utmosts to lay claim to be nominated for the seat. The ball is thus played back to the feet of the election committee of SPDP and the President. Will SPDP fall into the trap of PKR as Ali Biju has been told to make his stand beforehand. PKR and Pakatan hierarchy knows that this is one seat that they can ill afford to ignore and they will push all out for Ali to re-consider for the better good of the coalition as a whole.

SPDP and BN will need to consider all options to go for a seasoned politician or take the chances with a new fresh faced candidate? No matter what this battle will go on be it with or without the names we have mentioned.


“PPP,PCM if not PRS..??”

People’s Progressive Party of Malaysia (PPP) should not be just recruiting members for no reasons. They have indeed irked many party leaders in the State BN including the likes of James Masing,Lee Kim Shin, Karim Hamzah,Daud Abdul Rahman and mosts recently SPDP President William Mawan.

William Mawan has expressed his disapppointment over the arrogant attitude of the State PPP leaders though they were new kids on the block. He reitereated when asked on the Mas Gading issue in that,”first and foremost  P192 MAS Gading is one of the seats allocated to SPDP as agreed under the state BN convention.Whoever contested against a BN endorsed candidate is considered an opposition.That also applies to PPP if it were to field its candidate in Mas Gading which is a BN stronghold.”

Meanwhile our sources have mentioned to us that one of PRS parliamentarians in Aaron Ago Dagang might not be nominated again to stand on PRS ticket. His relationship with the PRS President is anything but cordial and they are 1001 reasons PRS might justs drop him in the next GE. Masing himself in October 8th 2007 has maintained that P210 Kanowit Parliamentary seat belongs to PRS eventhough Aaron than won the seat on the now deregistered( PBDS) ticket.

PPP should also capitalise on this shouldn’t they? They will have a ready made MP for now instead of him(aaron) making his way to Parti Cinta Malaysia(PCM) as the Sarawak State Chairman Gabriel Adit is his relative and he is also cousin to Leo Moggie former Minister for Energy, Communications and Multimedia.

PPP shouldn’t you look into this too for a new MEMBER.?

PPP.”No Seats,Go Back,Get Out..??”

PPP has been creating all the political noises for the wrong reasons in Sarawak. This has irked all the BN Sarawak State political parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP. Now they have even gone a step further by trying to make claims for a seat in Sarawak in P192 MAS Gading which is allocated to BN/SPDP. 

According to sources they see the infighting of SPDP as an opportunity to get the endorsment from Federal BN to win a seat in Parliament for them. In the Parliamentary 12th General Elections 2008,President of PPP M.Kayveas was badly defeated by a majority of 11298 votes by DAP Nga Kor Ming.

It must be noted also that prior to that in July 2007, Kayveas was alleged to have mentioned an ultimatum to leave the Barisan Nasional coalition if the ISA is not amended and his party is not given any allocation of seats in the next general election. He later clarified that there was no such thing as an ultimatum but simply stating the PPP’s stand and made a ‘friendly request’ on the seats.

Many BN leaders in the State has told PPP to go and win back their seats in Peninsular instead of ‘shaking the cordial relationships” in the State BN Federal allocation of seats. PPP remains steadfast in their stand and they are even going on with another outreach community programme at Batu Kawa in Kuching, Sarawak(August 13) despite stern advice from Sarawak BN not to meddle with Sarawak politics.

PPP the Political Message Cannot be CLEARER.!!

MOCS..”Shifting goalposts”

Francis Siah must have been quivering when he saw the 5 uniformed policeman approaching him when he landed at Kuching International airport. A friend who met him on arrival shook his hands and he told us,”my gosh, his hands were as cold as ice.Looks as if he feared the worst.”

Francis himself has even mentioned in his email”I have never been imprisoned in my life and I don’t wish to spend even a night in a police lock-up. The two things that make it impossible for me to sleep are heat and mosquitoes. I need a good night’s rest because I’m not particularly healthy. I’m still nursing a heart ailment and also suffer from hypertension and high cholesterol” 

It seems too that over the pasts few weeks Francis have been having nightmares. Why is this so? He really has shifted his goalposts once too often until some local opposition leaders and NGOs are beginning to question his motives. He can say what he wants but from a RALLY TO ASK TAIB TO STEP DOWN BY AUGUST 13th to WALK FOR DEMOCRACY and REFORM (route central padang to waterfront and back) and now to giving WREATHS TO FALLEN HEROES (but standing rally and stationed at the Cenotaph at the museum grounds)     

A Bersih 2.0 supporter even said,’We have already declared Saturday as Yellow Saturday and Francis Siah has told everyone to wear RED. So do we have to comply with Morning yellow Afternoon Red ?. It seems we will be like the UMNO Youth Red Coloured T-shirts in the end(never mind Francis saying Liverpool or MU). Francis might also next be saying he is supporting KJ’s Patriot movement who wore Red during the bersih rally.

Could it be thats the reason Ambiga invited Francis and his sidekick to the steering committee meeting last thursday night. She wants to hear from Francis he is very much still Yellow and not Red.

We have also gathered that there are some unhappiness especially so with Francis flip-flops of rally intentions but a number of activists have indicated that they will be present in some capacity. Our political police sources at the time of writing 3.05pm even mentioned that the permit is not yet approved and some people who gather there will be inconvenienced.(One should know what it means)

Some of the activists and supporters are not so afraid of being taken in by the police. They say any other day not much to worry about when they mentioned to audie61. 14th August 2011  is the day of the Chinese Hungry Ghosts festival and if they are “so very lucky“they might be picked up. Its not such a good day, one told us and they know might be kept in for investigation for a period of not more than 48hours. Bail will not be entertained as its a Saturday and any bail will only be done if charged in court on Mondays. So you see, we need to see the situation.

Did Francis Siah checked his diary and thought of all this? It clearly shows he is trying to get everyone worked up to pursue his personal agenda or someone who is bankrolling the rally. Whatever it is Francis has really shifted the goal posts , flip- flopped and the police might justs decide to bring him in, allow him to meet and even say “hello” to a number of “outer world friends

Would you bet they wouldn’t..??

“MCA..Is this for Real..??”

The phones have not stopped ringing for Cindy,Natasha and myself eversince we put up the article in reference to MCA dumping Najib.

PM’s political aides told us not to read too much into this and Najib is closely monitoring the situation. MCA presidential political boys are tight lipped on the matter but news are filtering out -” that certain pressing matters in the country are not been received well by some in MCA” We need not elaborate as you know what its all about when we pressed for more.

Even this mornings high tea with a number of BN/ SUPP members they have this to say,”The house cleaning in BN/UMNO is underway and who ever stands in the way of the warlords will get washed away.This is UMNO party politics and its no different from the opposition parties be it PKR,DAP or PAS. You ask them and they will tell you,no different. You will catch them lying through their teeth if they say “We are united and all is well inside.”

Having said that an SUPP youth exco member.”We need to do our housecleaning also in SUPP and the leadership tussle will  be between heavyweights if it does come down to winner takes all.” There is nothing to hide now and the clear frontrunners are David Teng and Wong Soon Koh for the Presidency.”

MCA will have to deal closely with whoever UMNO picks their next leader. This report from the same portal does shed a bad light on the MCA hierarchy and PM Najib would be the more wiser by not been too quiet on this. Politics is alll about Perception and PM has mentioned in many times and he should carry his talk to inform MCA.

The BN coalition partners needs all this to be ironed out before they even dare to think to face the rakyat for the GE13. They will be bluffing themselves with all the negative reports mushrooming and going into battle will be just like handing the opposition everything on a silver platter. Najib will be turning to his political strategists for the RIGHT answers. So far its one trap door to another for Najib. Seriously,Najib better shake them up or have them shipped out.

Does the PMs political strategists have anything..?

The internet portals article below:-

It never rains but it pours. With a looming court case in France over the Scorpenes kickbacks scandal which includes a murder plot, a wife embroiled in a ring scandal and a dysfunctional administration that has lost its plot, Najib Razak now faces loosing support amongst the BN component parties.

BN which is a coalition of 13 political parties with UMNO being the biggest, followed by MCA and then MIC, has been holding court for 53 years. Of late, UMNO has leaned to the right, dictating the conduct and policies of the coalition and in turn steadily loosing the support of Malaysians.

Najib Razak’s attempt at buying the MIC vote by giving their president a ministerial post, seems to have back-fired with the MIC president issuing an arrogant rant that only MIC can be allowed to represent the Indian interest in BN. If other Indian-based political parties were to be admitted into BN, MIC would “walk out”.

And now, more voices of dissent have risen. It seems MCA is also rethinking its stance in BN, but in typical ‘kiasu-style’ MCA is not leaving the coalition. Instead, MCA leaders are realigning themselves behind Muhyiddin Yassin – heir to the Prime Minister’s post.

Mimicking Muhyiddin now, will Chua say: I’m Chinese first, Malaysian second

MCA president, Dr Chua Soi Lek has been active, trying to keep the MCA in the news and up-to-mark with the Joneses. For example, Dr Chua’s latest rant at the DAP, accusing the party of pitting Chinese against Chinese and attempting to create a ‘little China’ smells more of a publicity stunt than a statement of any value.

Constitutionally speaking, it is close to impossible for Malaysia to have a Chinese Prime Minister, let alone form a Chinese Malaysia as asserted by Dr Chua. The Chinese vote alone cannot form a government. Malaysia will always be a nation that requires all groups to work together and this means more than just the Chinese.

This little jab flung by Dr Chua at the DAP seems rather off-hand and idiotic. Was Dr Chua attempting to light Chinese anger at DAP? Or to get UMNO supporters all riled up at DAP?

It is telling that UMNO’s mouth-piece, Utusan Malaysia, recently saw fit to blame the Christians for attempting to install a Christian prime minister. We now have the president of the MCA getting into an ugly brawl and accusing arch rival, DAP, of attempting to turn Malaysia into a ‘mini China’. This rather skewed and racially-loaded statement by Dr Chua mirrors very much the stance taken by Muhyiddin Yassin.

But it is little wonder that Dr Chua is starting to sound like Muhyiddin. MCA leaders are cold-bloodedly re-aligning their support behind a man whom they used to accuse of being racist and anti- 1Malaysia. Why? Because like many others, they see Najib as ‘finished’ and Muhyiddin the next prime minister of Malaysia.

The MCA leaders see the realignment as ‘workable’ for their party as Najib has seriously lost favor amongst the Chinese. Dr Chua had tried the Najib approach by telling the Chinese community that a vote for DAP would mean less Chinese representation in Parliament. The Chinese community did not buy into it and Dr Chua was ridiculed, jeered and laughed off as a silly goose.

Now, Dr Chua is trying the Muhyiddin route. Will we see Dr Chua state that he is “Chinese first, and Malaysian second”?

Rats fleeing a sinking ship

Yet, as MCA tries to maneuver and butter its way into a politically strong position, their leaders seem to have truly lost the plot again. Assuming that Muhyiddin agreed to help them, will it really shore up MCA’s position? Is Muhyiddin really so all-powerful?

The fact is BN would still not win back the Chinese community. To do that, MCA has to work on its own distinct stance and policies, rather than be a  peon to UMNO or Muhyiddin.

The survival of MCA is not a reflected goal or indeed of much concern to the Chinese. Instead, the latest realignment of support for  Muhyiddin merely benefits a few of the top MCA leaders.

The greater Chinese community will continue to get nothing from the MCA. They will still have to put up with the same ailments that have besieged their race for as long as the MCA has been in the BN. In fact, this may further alienate MCA from the Chinese community as their leaders cluster within a small group bent on supporting Muhyiddin to gain his favour.

Indeed, these are both interesting and troubling times. As the BN parties jostle for position in an apparent government-to-be headed by Muhyiddin Yassin, they expose their true colours and their real insincerity.

Not only have they lost sight of the reason for their being – and that is to look after the welfare of the citizens and the state – they have exposed themselves to be little better than poltical cheats, willing to bactrack on principle for the sake of cushy jobs and money.


“MCA Dumping Najib ..??”

This article written by an internet blog is creating more than a little “buzz” in the blogsphere. It seems that there is some sort of reengineering within the BN to ensure that the coalition remains relevant after the GE13. MCA is fighting for their lives and so is UMNO especially so in peninsular Malaysia where the opposition is chipping away daily the strongholds of BN with the help of the rakyat.

There has been too many negative ‘perception’ of Najib eventhough he has been using every ounce of his brain juice to correct the wrongs but its been too much of a heavy baggage attached to it. Words circling in the political landscape is that Najib is not getting the support of the UMNO warlords and they too fear for their lives. They need to do it now or else risk losing control of Putrajaya after GE13.

Najib in turn needs to do something fast. Najib is fighting for his political life and the sooner he shakes out those who are against him his position is not secured. The fuse is lit and its only a matter of time Najib is ousted.

Our sources in MCA think tank says we must know that Malaysia politics is very fluid at the moment and if UMNO warlords sees the need they will chop and change without blinking even an eyelid. Any truths in the report is for you to make your own assessment:-

 LITTLE BIRD FROM MCA SAYS All is not well within the Barisan Nasional coalition of parties as party warlords start consolidating their alignment with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Coalition party leaders, especially those from the MCA, had started aligning themselves with the deputy BN chairman in anticipation of Muhyiddin’s expected rise.

“This buying of ‘political insurance’ is necessary following growing scandals and the bumbling in handling issues by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s administration,” said a little bird from MCA.

“Have you not noticed how deputy president Liow Tiong Lai and youth chief Wee Ka Siong are scrambling to be seen in the company of Muhyiddin as frequently as possible?

“Both of them actually have their own agenda but the pressing need is to prepare for Najib’s possible exit.

“As for president Dr Chua Soi Lek, it is a shoo-in. Chua’s long-standing political base in Johor has given him the edge in relations with Muhyiddin.

“Not only that. Chua also has strong ties with Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein, also another Johor-based politician.

“Much speculation has been posted in blogs regarding the Chua-Hishammuddin ties linked to the Ecovest top brass. Ecovest is diversified company with much business interest in Johor, especially in Iskandar,” said the MCA insider.

The party insider said the political development and efforts to be seen in the good books of Muhyiddin showed the trio were prepared to dump Najib and declare their support for the rise of the deputy premier.


Sarawak Trilogy~Road to 22nd Floor-(Final)”Whose My Boy..??

If I spell out his name now for the 22nd floor here your first reaction would be,”No,lah cannot be,Certainly not him.After convincing -{ you my friend you that is } – it will be followed with next,”Would he really.?Why CM Taib recommend him ho !”

A source revealed to us in so many words,”Has anyone ever thought of Michael Leo Toyad now that he has embraced Islam and is now known as Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah. He is after all a Melanau and is the current MP for Mukah. He has served as deputy minister of foreign affairs in 2004 and as Minister of Tourism in 2006. Surely,he cannot be far off from CMs mind can he?

Dark horses are appearing and depending on who it is from and even politicians who have fallen by the wayside comes very highly recommended. I am sure if we asks anyone that this is the person….,” -Do you think so? There will be more yes and only a few murmurs of don’t know.”

Effendi Norwawi fits the bill and he has also served as Federal Minister in Agriculture (1999 – 2004 and also Minister in Prime Minister’s office in charge of economic planning. Well will he fit in again especially so when he doesn’t seem to have strong grassroots?

The mandate has already been achieved and CM Taib has already been sworned in despite saying that he will step down after the elections.Did he say he will? The successor as always has been a mystery while some have chosen to quietly postulate their own theories. Each will have his own whos and whys certain names and parties are in contention.Mosts of the time its thought-provoking.

We know very well that PBB by virtue of being the largest political party in Sarawak will have a major say in the successor to the Chair as it has been returned with a majority of 35 seats. The component parties in PRS,SUPP and SPDP will also be consulted as the CM is also the Chairman of the State Barisan National coalition.

The political wheel is spinning faster than ever now and CM Taib has indeed been busy lately  putting into place the rightful heir to the coveted chair. Its not a question of who and who should be says Assistant Minister Stephan Rundi and PBB SG but who will be able and capable to fill the vaccum left by him after helming for 30 years as Chief Minister of Sarawak. He has in mind who but knowing CM he will do so at the right and appropriate timing.

In part 2 we mentioned,””You can’t try to force him as he knows how to turn the tables on you, as he had done in the past. Some political hopefuls tried to force him out but in the end, they ended up in political oblivion.”

Cordial Federal and State relations in itself is a big tasks which musts be buttered well. It is not only harmonising influences of the leadership PM to CM vice vesra.One must have it in him to defuse delicate policy disagreements or conflict especially when there are differences which needs to be ironed out.

CM Taib has often pointed out that the ability and willingness of both leaders to learn from both ends to continually perceive each others strengths and weaknesses,and work towards a common front and in the interests of the nation. Taib knows that the present situation is critical and volotile.He knows that he or his man must not have any thoughts of confrontational approach and all matters must be solved through coordinated negotiations through consultative methods.

The GE13 will have a huge bearing on the outcome to see whether if CM Taib continues to lead Sarawak.  A SUPP appointed EXCO member said,”Look at the mathematics and tell me if I am wrong. 308 spelt it as 140-82 now Pakatan seemingly less with the frog-jumpers.

Sarawak with 29 out of 31 seats is and still will be BN stronghold. Do you believe that? Do you believe BN will be in power after GE13? The chinese have left in droves to support DAP as they see SUPP as a lame duck and with no more spine left.

We (SUPP) losts 13 out of 19 state seats but the CM has the mandate to lead Sarawak for another 5 years. He moved swiftly been sworn in the night at 10.30pm knowing that he has already achieved the mandate and the trusts by the people of Sarawak.

He does not want to be manipulated by the arms twisting of some Federal leaders. He was proven right and pushed back the movement against his on going rule as CM a few steps back.

Some of the Federal leaders knows that BN Sarawak will tilt if too much harressment and pressure is stepped up on CM to relinquish his chair.It does remain though the PM in office now needs to work closely with the State administration and the CM in office is of utmosts importance. Sarawak is not under UMNO rule and thus PBB knows that they have all the bargaining chips.


The Prime Minister knows that he still needs to cajole Taib as Sarawak BN has 29 seats and mosts of the members of parliament  if not all are with CM Taib in any decision making which is for the better good of the state. A “few” has been  tempted to betray with promises of positions and power but they were very soon found out.  

The leaders who have made their voices heard intentionally or by default are listed as Alfred Jabu,Abang Johari,Awang Tengah,Adenan Satem,Fadillah Yusof,Douglas Uggah,Effendy Norwawi,James Masing and William Mawan. Some of them are down in the lists but they are not necessarily out of the picture. CM is keeping their names in the drawer next to his bed.

CM has even now put the name of Muhammad Leo Toyad in the drawer. We cannot even rule out Stephan Rundi for that matter as he is young and also capable in his own right. In jest.he said Azahari Ali in the 22nd floor and that he is telling us that he has read part 1 and does not want to be ruled out.

Emeritus Professor meanwhile posted another mosts unlikely question,”Have we considered all options for CM Taib.? We can write here but knowing that you are as illusive as the Da Vinci Code mystery we need to look closely from all angles and in particular the edited picture in question.

 Am I correct said the Professor? The political situation is so fluid at the moment and CM Taib is in no hurry to step down. PM Najib himself is not about to gamble on losing an ally who will ensure he stays on and continues as PM.

PMs  next assignment will surely be the Parliamentary elections for CM Taib?  CM Taib delivers he benefits and he will continue to serve until he decides to let go . PM Najib has to abide with the warlords who are giving him a lot of heat.

UMNO’s message is clear to Sarawak.You deliver we stay out and if BN Sarawak garners less than 25 seats out of 31 it does and will affect the final tallying of who makes it to Putrajaya BN or Pakatan.

It has already started with whispers and words exchanged to Putrajaya that if Taib is still the CM when the nation goes for elections a number of Sarawak seats will suffer the consequences. The PM’s office are watching and closely guarding the sentiments on the ground and they will not chance it as every available seat won is important in the final tally.

Abang Johari’s cronies are working overtime and painting a very bleak picture of Sarawak if  Taib still remains as they enter the parliamentary elections. The political shift and movement of forces are anything but cordial amongst the many political rivals to the chair. They may appear as friends in front with their pleasantries but once the backs are turned all ‘hell’ is let out to wander.

CM Taib with over 48 years in the political arena is not just about to throw in the towel in the ring and cave in. He knows all is real the infighting and he is determined to see it through till he decides in totality to give it to the rightful heir apparent. Taib is the master,he plans well and will not want his plan to fail. He will ensure that whoever wants the coveted chair will need to adhere to the following:-







CM is a master chameleon and with his machiavelli ways he will ensure that the timing is so precise and he will not leave any thing to chance. Even his lists of new cabinet minister assuming he names them in SEPTEMBER he musts go through them at least seven(7) times before he endorses it fully.

In this day and age any false move by Taib will have detrimental consequences not only to him but also to Sarawak.The social media’s ability to pass information,fuelling,shaping and exchanging reactions have already drawn the perception of life without him at the helm. He knows it and his plans are surely falling into place.

A knot is being tied on the legs of the 3’A’s + 1 which we mentioned in part 1 and for CM to come down he needs all of them  in question to work harmoniously and tackle all issues together before he even dares to sleep with both eyes closed.

At the end the Federal leaders will try their bests to name their boy but from what has been circling around in the State Capital of Kuching this is CM’s strongest message yet. At the 23rd commemoration of Kuching city CM said ,’hopefully we meet again on the 25th anniversary of (Kuching)