Dayaks-“Silence Deafening..??”

Is there any truth what is being written in this report-we extracted “Unrestrained drinking, frequent fightings in public places and other activities have been cited” ( click below)?

 An emeritus professor said that our Dayak Assemblyman should be at least be seen to do something if thats the word to be used to address the issue. They are put there,voted in by the people who have faith in them and if mosts of them lost their jobs in their thousands it will be a major social problem for the Sarawak State in the long run.     

Even a former newspaper critic said,” Our Ministers must make an effort to find out the truth of the matter backed up with statistics. Can they justs take a Ban as a ban when it affects their own countryman?

 A delegation with the Malaysian government to the Singapore republic would just draw more light to a rather touchy issue. This will have adverse effects on the manpower business between both countries.

The Silence is deafening but lets take that as a Starting Point to ensure that we will always lbe there for our people in their hour of need. We musts not take it as absolute truth until the ban is in totality for reasons which the country rejects our workers.

Efforts has been made by a political party from Sarawak and they have informed the Malaysian Home Minister and at press time the ministry has yet to meet their counterparts to resolve this issue.

When will we know..?

Will all our workers be victims of mindless some..?

7 thoughts on “Dayaks-“Silence Deafening..??”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Lets use the sociol medai that is Face book, twitter to fight for our people and see how we can help those who are really in need of work and employment. Get on the move Sarawakians!! BTW they also mention Sabah..Sabahans wake up too.

  2. phyllis says:

    Singapore is just taking the whole bunch of dayak workers to be like that. This is not right.! We fight for our countryman.

  3. kpt99 says:

    Expert in humanity once said ” A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword “.

    Hence it’s unwise, immoral and unethical for any individual to utter words out of wisdom or intellectual by ignoring the feeling of others.

  4. ramsey tiong says:

    Why should they take out on Sarawak and Sabah unskilled workers? Singapore should go for a thorough screening and no one can just blame one country for some of its workers bad deeds. Find out and check out the employemnt firms. More like it than banning workers from sarawak and Sabah.

  5. Paul scott says:

    You sure Singaporeans never get drunk? Its not a very good excuse to ban workers for their drinking behaviour. Not all Sabahans and Sarawakians are like that.Don’t just judge like that.

  6. kpt99 says:

    Najib was correct in reminding his counterparts that times when govt knows the best is over.

    When the tough gets go on, the tough gets tougher.

    Society of to-date are all well-educated and informed as they could not be easily swayed by the sugar-coated sweet talks and empty promises to win their hearts and minds.

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