GE13 SPDP:- Nyarok Out..Enturan In…

An SPDP privelege source telephoned audie61 and said,”Have you heard the latest from SPDP..? It seems that Deputy President of SPDP Peter Nyarok is now sleeping in the same bed as the SPDP Separatists 5. Also he is eyeing the P205 Saratok seat which is currently being held by Jelaing Mersat. Eversince he losts the N34 Krian State Seat he has been telling his closest aides that he stands a mosts likely chance of being nominated to be a candidate to representBN/ SPDP.

Word has it however that the President of SPDP William Mawan has already been grooming another person to replace  the incumbent in the person of Enturan who is an engineer. Two other names in Chambai and Kilat were shot down by our source in that they are not on the same wave length and radar of the President.

 The General elections cannot come any faster for Nyarok as he feels that this time round he will be more motivated and eager to retain the parliamentary seat for BN/SPDP. In the lasts state elections many issues were brought to his committee but were shot down immediately due to over confidence and ignorance and also without revealing and informing the incumbent Peter Nyarok.

One today still very much remains a sore point for the election committee members in that when they asked to reinforce more posters and printed materials they were brushed aside. Worse came up from the mouth”Materials,they cannot vote..!!” PKR Ali Biju used the propaganda materials to his advantage and scored big winning over an Asst.Minister with over 2,089 votes. 

In elections every little things matters and if this kind of arrogance and attitude is not erased the candidate and the party will suffer big time. A source on the ground also informed us that in lasts weeks meeting in Saratok the component partiers have already indicated that they prefer Jelaing to be maintain as candidate and they saw Nyarok feeling very uneasy in his chair. He has sinced pushed his agenda further by courting the SPDP5 who were once not on the same boat.

The President is watching the developements with an eagles eye and also monitoring the moves made by his Deputy. PKR Ali Biju has already indicated strongly that if Jerlaing and Nyarok is fielded he will stand and if anyone else he will only give a helping hand. This is good news to SPDP President but he will not take it literally as he might justs be fooled by this arrangement. He needs to field for the party a winnable candidate and well received by the grassroots.

Nyariok might justs have to count and work his mathematics again if he thinks that he will have any chance of being nominated. Our privelege source says,”Nyarok might try but he will fail in his quests


4 thoughts on “GE13 SPDP:- Nyarok Out..Enturan In…

  1. Lim GP says:

    What more does Peter Nyarok want? He must give chance to others. If BN gives this to Nyarok they will have one less in Parliament.

  2. zainuddin says:

    Stay on Nyarok or Jelaing. We in PKR will win the seat as SPDP has negelcted the people in Saratok. Believe me hidup PKR!

  3. Rakyat Saratok says:

    where is that brave young man who challenge him for the Deputy President. He was proven right afterall.Most Malaysian politicians just do not know when to call it the day, until they have to be kicked out by the rakyat. Nyarok was kicked out by the rakyat, has he no shame and want to face them again!!!

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