PRU 13…”Kuasa Rakyat..!!”

Parlimen Sarawak 31 kerusi. BN 29 Pakatan 2. Banyak orang analisi bercakap akan ada bumi gempar di Sarawak di PRU13. Ini di sebabkan “Rakyat Sarawak tidak berapa gembira dengan muka lama pemimpin BN. Kalau tidak ada pertukaran Pakatan akan menang lebih daripada 9 kerusi. Ini benar.”

A retired government civil servant said to me this was told to him last night as he attended a buka puasa function at a malay kampung in Serian. It seems that the people are making their feelings known more than ever now as the GE13 approaches.

Its now left to the party machinery to pick their mosts suitable candidate to face the people. Gone are the days when a BN ticket is already 80% a sure way to be a YB or MP. BN MPs are now feeling the heat and there are seen more than ever on the ground  and these statements from two parliamentarians speaks volumes.

One may asks,”Where are the 9 seats that Pakatan will do well to wrestle from BN.?”

P218 Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai said,”these “jealous: people had been spresading negative comments about the government and are trying to their best to destroy his reputation in order to wrest control of the seat in the 13th Genral election” The headline of BN will never let opposition take Sibuti has angered many in the civil society. This is short of of saying again,”Protect at all costs

Meanwhile, P216 Member of Parliament for Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo said that he was leaving his fate to the (federal and state) BN leaders to decide whether he will defend his seat in the coming parliamentary election. This statement was on the 16th of August 2011 which appeared in an English daily.

Today 22/8/11 he said “he was aware of a move by a small group in Kapit to come up with their own candidate to replace him.I am not stealing the seat from anybody but instead some peole are trying to steal it away from me” It seems the MP from Hulu Rejang is saying,”Come take it away from me,I am more than capable still to stand and defend the seat.


His scorecard to date reads as :-

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
1990   Justine Jinggut 4,200 54%   Billy Abit Joo (IND) 5,393 42%
1995   Billy Abit Joo 6,731 67%   Lucius Jimbun (IND) 3,084 31%
1999   Billy Abit Joo 6,884 70%   Kumbong Langit (IND) 2,751 28%
2004   Billy Abit Joo 6,949 67%   Bendindang Manjah (SNAP) 3,283 32%
2008   Billy Abit Joo 6,590 59%   George Lagong (IND) 4,426 25%

The MPs can harp on their achievements,how they have performed, even some go on signature campaigns and lastly intense lobbying. It really BOILS down to the party and the respective coalitions in BN or Pakatan to put up their best and winnable candidate.


9 Seats Are you still asking where..!