“Anwar v Najib…!”

It has reached to this Anwar vs Najib

SUPP President George Chan recent outburst has put the “cat amongst the pigeons.” His statement which reads as.”‘if DAP joined BN, it will be also useless like SUPP, MCA and Gerakan’ because BN does not care about the Chinese.”

Does that mean that Pakatan has one hand in the bag and will wrestle all the Chinese seats?

Was he trying to tell the Chinese based parties that we stand a better chance to be outside BN? There are too many issues which needs to be addressed and SUPP is indeed in a desperate situation. The GE13 will indeed be the last bullet to salvage its once proud standing as a party that ”clearly stands together for the Chinese community

 The people on the ground have indicated in so many words,”Anyone who stands against SUPP candidates now has at least 60 % of the votes in the pocket. The ground has reverberated at the lasts State elections and mosts political analysts are telling BN that in Sarawak that SUPP might just be extinguished by suffering a total wipeout.

“If you ain’t listening you will suffer an Unprecedented  loss of magnitude propositions.”

The battle royale will be left to UMNO , the Sabah and Sarawak based multi racial parties to lock horns with the Pakatan trio of PKR,DAP and PAS. The smaller independant minded parties in SAPP(Sabah) and SNAP(Sarawak) might just play the kingmakers in determining who will be the new Government of the Day after GE13. SNAP is awaiting new leaders to emerge and making it more than relevant as it prepares for its TDC this year.

Now the situation on the ground for BN is simple,”go through every candidate not just two or three times but listen to the people on the ground before affixing their names on the candidate lists. Pakatan has already started to vet their candidates and are ready for the showdown.

Anwar vs Najib will indeed be a Battle Royale………

10 thoughts on ““Anwar v Najib…!”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    :idea: TIME FOR CHANGE :idea:


    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Little too late for George Chan and SUPP.The civil society and the middle class has spoken and they make up the bulk of the voters in the urban and city areas. The rural will be tough for the opposition to breakthrough but not impossible. Still Najib will take try to take out Anwar. Najib knows he needs to get his strategy right or bye bye to BN.

  3. David Atio says:

    From what we gathered SAPP in Sabah will not go down easily but SNAP looks a distant cousin to SAPP. Its a far cry from the party it was but we know if $$$$$$ are pumped in never ever say its not possible for SNAP to return to its former glory.
    We shall see.

  4. phyllis says:

    Many will take chances to stand against SUPP candidates.Its worth the try to get a shot in parliament for aspiring candidates. The people might just have a field day where there will be many candidates to choose from in some constituencies.

  5. jim shim says:

    SUPP is already known to be in ICU in BN Sarawak and MCA and Gerakan are already irrelevant. What else is there for UMNO to think of them. They can try to win the winnable seats only but those in the cities or urbanised areas BN can just kiss them sayonara. Assessment its going to be very close and Sarawak and Sabah will swing it for either coalition.

  6. Ibans kuching says:

    Najib best 1.3 million 1 Malaysia Govt since 1957.

    Racial breakdowns as on 31 December 2010 :Malay 80 % or 1.04 million, Bumiputera 5 % Chinese 5 %, Indian 5 % and others 5 %.

    Malay population as today is 54 % of total 28 million Malaysians.

    Perkasa says Malays had been marginalised by ungrateful non- Malays who had been kindly granted citizenship by their forefathers without any rewards.

    How true is the above perception among all Malaysians ?.

  7. Ibans kuching says:

    DPM , education minister says govt still considering using BM or BI for the learning and teaching of Maths and science.

    Dr Puad, his depeuty then issued a statement the couple of days later day in confirming PPSMI will not be continued with reasons best known to the govt,meaning govt knows the best.

    Is there any contradiction between the 2 minister’s statements.

    Many are doubtful why MRSM will be introducing Cambridge syllabus at all branches by 2016,currently 3 of those have started.

    Are they going to face resentments and objections form the fanatic National Language Group ?

    There are too many short-sighted,inconsistent and flip-flopping polices in KPM.

    some are to forced to stop whereas some are going to start,really confused the public,parents and students.

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