“PPP,PCM if not PRS..??”

People’s Progressive Party of Malaysia (PPP) should not be just recruiting members for no reasons. They have indeed irked many party leaders in the State BN including the likes of James Masing,Lee Kim Shin, Karim Hamzah,Daud Abdul Rahman and mosts recently SPDP President William Mawan.

William Mawan has expressed his disapppointment over the arrogant attitude of the State PPP leaders though they were new kids on the block. He reitereated when asked on the Mas Gading issue in that,”first and foremost  P192 MAS Gading is one of the seats allocated to SPDP as agreed under the state BN convention.Whoever contested against a BN endorsed candidate is considered an opposition.That also applies to PPP if it were to field its candidate in Mas Gading which is a BN stronghold.”

Meanwhile our sources have mentioned to us that one of PRS parliamentarians in Aaron Ago Dagang might not be nominated again to stand on PRS ticket. His relationship with the PRS President is anything but cordial and they are 1001 reasons PRS might justs drop him in the next GE. Masing himself in October 8th 2007 has maintained that P210 Kanowit Parliamentary seat belongs to PRS eventhough Aaron than won the seat on the now deregistered( PBDS) ticket.

PPP should also capitalise on this shouldn’t they? They will have a ready made MP for now instead of him(aaron) making his way to Parti Cinta Malaysia(PCM) as the Sarawak State Chairman Gabriel Adit is his relative and he is also cousin to Leo Moggie former Minister for Energy, Communications and Multimedia.

PPP shouldn’t you look into this too for a new MEMBER.?

11 thoughts on ““PPP,PCM if not PRS..??”

  1. phyllis says:

    They all playing mind games. Pakatan will sweep them off their seats in the next GE13. Mosts businessman are already selling their assets/properties fearing the worse for UMNO/BN. its not all rosy for any BN candidate in the next GE.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    General elections near and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action. Seems November is the favourite month and it does point to that. Najib cannot wait anymore.

  3. Lincoln Lo says:

    BN will suffer in the next General elections. There is absolutely no more cure for BN. They have used all the medicines and now the people are already immune to their ‘sick excuses”If Aaron does go for it just change your shirt and be with another party besides Party Cinta Malaysia or PPP. Do it or be swept away!

  4. Wong teng See says:

    First SUPP bye bye.Next PBB,SPDP and PRs will suffer losses too. Mosts likely 11 out of 31 seats in Sarawak gone. Thats my prediction. Any takers.

  5. V.Rangasamy says:

    All the more reasons for PPP to join in the fray to get some seats to fight the opposition. So those who think Sarawak BN is strong they have something else coming and after PPP surely UMNO will try to come in seeing the invincibility is no more with Sarawak BN. PPP has every right to come in.

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