PPP.”No Seats,Go Back,Get Out..??”

PPP has been creating all the political noises for the wrong reasons in Sarawak. This has irked all the BN Sarawak State political parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP. Now they have even gone a step further by trying to make claims for a seat in Sarawak in P192 MAS Gading which is allocated to BN/SPDP. 

According to sources they see the infighting of SPDP as an opportunity to get the endorsment from Federal BN to win a seat in Parliament for them. In the Parliamentary 12th General Elections 2008,President of PPP M.Kayveas was badly defeated by a majority of 11298 votes by DAP Nga Kor Ming.

It must be noted also that prior to that in July 2007, Kayveas was alleged to have mentioned an ultimatum to leave the Barisan Nasional coalition if the ISA is not amended and his party is not given any allocation of seats in the next general election. He later clarified that there was no such thing as an ultimatum but simply stating the PPP’s stand and made a ‘friendly request’ on the seats.

Many BN leaders in the State has told PPP to go and win back their seats in Peninsular instead of ‘shaking the cordial relationships” in the State BN Federal allocation of seats. PPP remains steadfast in their stand and they are even going on with another outreach community programme at Batu Kawa in Kuching, Sarawak(August 13) despite stern advice from Sarawak BN not to meddle with Sarawak politics.

PPP the Political Message Cannot be CLEARER.!!