MOCS..”Shifting goalposts”

Francis Siah must have been quivering when he saw the 5 uniformed policeman approaching him when he landed at Kuching International airport. A friend who met him on arrival shook his hands and he told us,”my gosh, his hands were as cold as ice.Looks as if he feared the worst.”

Francis himself has even mentioned in his email”I have never been imprisoned in my life and I don’t wish to spend even a night in a police lock-up. The two things that make it impossible for me to sleep are heat and mosquitoes. I need a good night’s rest because I’m not particularly healthy. I’m still nursing a heart ailment and also suffer from hypertension and high cholesterol” 

It seems too that over the pasts few weeks Francis have been having nightmares. Why is this so? He really has shifted his goalposts once too often until some local opposition leaders and NGOs are beginning to question his motives. He can say what he wants but from a RALLY TO ASK TAIB TO STEP DOWN BY AUGUST 13th to WALK FOR DEMOCRACY and REFORM (route central padang to waterfront and back) and now to giving WREATHS TO FALLEN HEROES (but standing rally and stationed at the Cenotaph at the museum grounds)     

A Bersih 2.0 supporter even said,’We have already declared Saturday as Yellow Saturday and Francis Siah has told everyone to wear RED. So do we have to comply with Morning yellow Afternoon Red ?. It seems we will be like the UMNO Youth Red Coloured T-shirts in the end(never mind Francis saying Liverpool or MU). Francis might also next be saying he is supporting KJ’s Patriot movement who wore Red during the bersih rally.

Could it be thats the reason Ambiga invited Francis and his sidekick to the steering committee meeting last thursday night. She wants to hear from Francis he is very much still Yellow and not Red.

We have also gathered that there are some unhappiness especially so with Francis flip-flops of rally intentions but a number of activists have indicated that they will be present in some capacity. Our political police sources at the time of writing 3.05pm even mentioned that the permit is not yet approved and some people who gather there will be inconvenienced.(One should know what it means)

Some of the activists and supporters are not so afraid of being taken in by the police. They say any other day not much to worry about when they mentioned to audie61. 14th August 2011  is the day of the Chinese Hungry Ghosts festival and if they are “so very lucky“they might be picked up. Its not such a good day, one told us and they know might be kept in for investigation for a period of not more than 48hours. Bail will not be entertained as its a Saturday and any bail will only be done if charged in court on Mondays. So you see, we need to see the situation.

Did Francis Siah checked his diary and thought of all this? It clearly shows he is trying to get everyone worked up to pursue his personal agenda or someone who is bankrolling the rally. Whatever it is Francis has really shifted the goal posts , flip- flopped and the police might justs decide to bring him in, allow him to meet and even say “hello” to a number of “outer world friends

Would you bet they wouldn’t..??


8 thoughts on “MOCS..”Shifting goalposts”

  1. PBB youth boys should join.They very much of Khairy jamaluddins Patriot red boys. Guess what i think Francis has connections with KJ and they are both working on seeing the end of Taib Mahmud.

  2. Orang Swak cakap saja sangat besar dan pandai ,empty vessel ,bila tiba masanya nak betul-betul melakukan sesuatu ,semua jadi pengecut, takut dan akan lari seperti tikus tenggok kucing,
    Saya percaya rally tersebut ” tak akan jadi kenyataan dan berjaya “paling baik dan tinngi tahapnya ialah hanya boleh menyerahkan memorandum ,itu saja.

  3. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Those sick SHIT B-eNd bumNO corrupted to the core goons know that most ‘RAKYAT’ are weak n can be swing here n there with $$$$ …..n that’s why they now dare to play dirty politics like ‘orang mati’ + hantu hantu also can be voters!!!!! n now even ALIEN will be citizens in this bolehland to votes too!!!! OHleeee SHIT……n I believe there will be :idea: BERSIH 3.0 :idea: to sapu + cuci those corrupted goons BERSIH-BERSIH !!!!! :mrgreen:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  4. TODAY was another hectic day and as expected, a very disappointing one.

    The top cops were playing hide-and-seek with us.

    No ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ reply from them re-our police permit. However at 5.30pm, a Chinese press journalist called us to say that Kuching OCPD Mun Kok Keong has rejected our application. Why are we not surprised???

    When the reporter asked us whether the Aug 13 walk is still on, we reply in the affirmative.

    We have walked so many miles over the past 12 months. We will certainly walk one more mile on Aug 13, also the FIRST anniversary of MoCS.

    We were disgusted with the police’s un-professionalism in handling MoCS today. That is as much as we would like to say now. Will fill you all with the details after Aug 13.

    This evening, several of us held a buka puasa together. It was my first with our Muslim brethren this year. We have discussed contingency plans for Aug 13.

    Tomorrow, we will hold a press conference at the Kuching Airport when our Adviser, Dato’ Salleh Jafaruddin returned from KL.

    Awang was interrogated for almost 2 hours today by Special Branch officers led by its Sarawak chief.

    Awang was told by SB not to be made used of by Francis Siah, Dato Salleh and MoCS.

    And those idiots are talking to 60-year-old Awang who had stood his ground for the past 30 years.

  5. This guy Francis is all talk and too much egoistic. See whether he dares to defy order and stay two nights inside the cells.Maybe your sentence”outer world friends” might do him a world of good and WAKE him up.

  6. Oh please 7000 to 10000 people on the streets of Kuching to walk in calling for Taib to resign. That is why we say Francis must be dreaming. Maybe the Abba song’I have to dream ” will suit him.hahaha

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