PRU 13:-DAP Kalah Kepada SUPP..??

SUPP akan menahan lima kerusi yang ada sekarang. Jentera SUPP perlu  bekerja bersungguh2 untuk menangi balik kerusi P195 dan P212 yang di menangi oleh DAP pada PRU12 and Pilihan Raya Kecil. Betul Ka…??

15 thoughts on “PRU 13:-DAP Kalah Kepada SUPP..??

  1. dayang says:

    Ada dengar dia sekarang berperang dengan UMB UMNO di dalam blog. Mana dia ada masa layan u Zainuddin dan Nando.?

  2. alias says:

    Papa Gomo cakap besar saja….cakap tak serupa bikin..dia fikir dia hero ke??ptttuuiiii!!!!!n the pic so nice…cantik…hahahahahhaha…tahniah….

  3. Ibans kuching says:

    He is just an ordinary blogger leaning here and there for rezeki.
    It was so surprise that even James Masing was trapped buy inviting him to Kapit to encounter cyberwar election campaign during the last election.
    He was seen in Kapit taking few photos and posted in PRS blog with all pro-BN comments and praises.
    Unfortunately that doesn’t work instead caused Stanley,candidate of PRS lost miserably to the only won independent Gorge Lagong.
    He still thought that the rural folks live on the trees and caves.

  4. Ibans kuching says:

    Regarding SUPP MPs, most of them are having numbered days as YB if the no effective strategies and careful planning are not taken .
    It’s not surprise to see them whipped out like their ADUN counterparts.

  5. phyllis says:

    i agree with ibans kuching.If SUPP still has the same faces running the party when elections is called thats the end of the parliamentary seats in Sarawak for them. Good luck to SUPP your time is up.

  6. Anak Kuching says:

    I agreed with you phyllis, if all the old face still out for election forsure, SUPP will closed shop soon! and their dream to become YB will go on and on…..

  7. Anak Malaysia Ingin Aman says:

    Old faces or new faces for SUPP, the score for GE13 is “0” = ZERO

    SUPP is like man impotency, cannot erect any more !!!! Mati urat

  8. Anak Malaysia Ingin Aman says:

    The best ways for BN-PBB, SUPP, PRS and SPDP to win again in GE13 are: …….want to know? probably you know better lah

  9. Joseph Alexander Renang says:

    Sad to admit, one of SUPP’s candidate that will be defeated will be Peter Chin and the rest as well. SUPP is a forgone past the deadline party. It has no principles.

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