PRU 13 :- “Najib Lawan Anwar..??”



7 thoughts on “PRU 13 :- “Najib Lawan Anwar..??”

  1. Very nice in the ring …. hahaha..SPR should engage u to do their advert for their drive to register new voters.

  2. Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: Ai o yoyoyo…najis dna YELLOW sorpene coming to haunt him again…how can he box when this ALTANTUYAS YELLOW scorpene coming to SINK him now!?!?…..hahahahahaha :shock:

  3. Register or else you will live to regret as your granchildren will say “grandad you did no good and you fail us.” Remember to register as its no use demonstrating,shouting or cursing. Your vote counts and its till 13th september 2011. Go sarawak go

  4. Peninsular Malaysia BN will be in for a bad ride. Sarawak/Sabah maybe still manageable. Its going to be tough as many professionals who were never voters are comin g out in droves to register to see an end to BN because of Bersih my friends tell me.

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