GE13 “Cyber-warfare..??

It’s about SOUL and PASSION says a Sarawak YB and a very close aide to Sarawak CM  to audie61 which determines whether the blogger is of any value or not. If your heart and mind is not focus in your work the simple and precise message will not be delivered.

Of course one needs to be well taken care of as “half empty stomach will not generate fruitful political articles” interjected a former DCM of Sarawak. He says if its not ‘fair and free elections in Sarawak” I would not have losts in the lasts State elections. The opposition can harp all they want ” BERSIH”  but at the end of the day even I was defeated. I am a living witness and don”t tell me the people dont know who I am. They want change. Mirians voted me out and no I am not angry but disappointed. Life has to go on and as President for now I need to see a successful leadership takeover soon and it will be done he said this to audie61.

He continued,”Urban seats its cyberwarfare and BN machinery is still very much lacking and he agrees that BN needs to oil up its parts and pick the bests to counter the “dirt and poisonous politics that is being spun out there in cyberworld”  His party suffered badly and they will try to pick up the pieces in time for GE13 and he knows BN will experience more than a good fight.

There are no more safe seats be it rural or urban as the cyber warfare has taken over from the mainstream media and other publications. Over the weekend PKR liason chief Sarawak Baru Bian even said,”There has been increase in support for the opposition in many areas and its looking good for them. They are still many areas which needs to be looked into before they can give BN a run for their money.”

The BN Sarawak YB knows there is a threat but he says,”all BN machinery needs to step up and that includes cyber warfare to counter the opposition claims. They will hit us hard but we need to bomb them out.”


Related article:-

By Shannon Teoh
July 18, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, July 18 — In mid-2009, Umno Youth held a course in online media for its grassroots leaders in Kuantan. The names of a few prominent bloggers drew blank stares.

“Only 10 per cent (of those present) were familiar with those names,” the youth wing’s new media chief, Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, told The Malaysian Insider. “Some didn’t even have email.”

The media unit that Tun Faisal heads, formed after accepting that “80 to 90 per cent” of those online were anti-Barisan Nasional (BN) in the landmark Election 2008, now claims that despite having to catch up to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the “cyberwar” for the hearts and minds of young and urban voters, it is now ready for a general election expected within the year.

However, Tun Faisal, a member of the Umno Youth executive committee, believes that despite having guns primed, the unit needs the government to provide it with bullets.

“Most young and urban voters perceive the mainstream media as pro-government, so they are automatically prejudiced against it,” said Faisal. “So we have to bring the debate online.

“But the problem is getting info from the government to counter the lies from the opposition. How can we fight claims from them and journalists when we don’t have more info than them?” he said.

BN had its nose bloodied at the 12th General Election in urban centres such as the Klang Valley and Penang, ceding its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament as the opposition took a record 82 seats and, at the same time, five state governments.

But the Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan, where BN surprisingly came within 65 votes of wresting the state seat, is considered a turning point for Umno Youth in the online battle.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin had said that BN gained in all young voter streams, signalling a shift in young voters that was said to have backed PR heavily in 2008.

“The opposition started in 1999 after Reformasi,” Tun Faisal said. “We only started in 2009. It’s like putting university students against primary schoolkids.

“But if you look at the results since Manek Urai, you can see that BN has definitely caught up especially with young voters.”

BN has since reversed a losing streak in by-elections, and even though PR was confident of making extensive gains in the recent Sarawak state election, BN retained its two-thirds majority in the assembly.

Tun Faisal says that one of the main factors is that his new media unit was given the mandate to strategise and coordinate online communications during these local polls.

“After 13 by-elections and one state election, I think we are ready to lead BN online in the next general election. But the leadership needs to have faith in us,” he said.

He revealed that in 2004, he led an Umno Youth cybertroopers unit into federal polls, at which BN claimed over 90 per cent of Parliament. But the ruling coalition’s best showing ever was followed by its worst in 2008.

“The difference was in 2004, we had a direct link to the prime minister’s department,” Tun Faisal said. “In 2008, we were left behind by the opposition, and even some pro-Umno blogs were against us.

“Over 70 per cent of the issues that BN has to answer is related to government. It is unfair for BN leaders to expect party machinery to answer them unless government opens up to us,” he said.

With Malaysians increasingly being found online — 11.3 million on Facebook as at the end of last month — and Malay and English print circulation dropping, Umno Youth sees a return to 2004 as crucial, a belief shared by Umno vice president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi last month.

“Our target by the next election is that all division youth chiefs are on Twitter and every state have their own cyberwar team,” said Tun Faisal.

9 thoughts on “GE13 “Cyber-warfare..??

  1. yourtake says:

    The fact the DR George Chan lost the election was a reflection of how seriously he was disliked. Had the election been fair, it would not be surprised that he might LOST his deposit. Why should he made an excuse as even his senior party leaders also has no confidence in him.

  2. says:

    Old and not functioning elected representatives have to go. They really need to replace old mps or ybs with young and energetic candidate so that they can better serve their constituency. But always easier said that done. Have a taste of money, and fame while walking the corridors of power and they will forget their age. Its the same for pakatan and bn..

  3. kashoggi says:

    Cyber warfare is gets to your mind and believe or not take this as example. This young lady internet savvy was shown the ‘earthquake in Osaka and she was shown bits and pieces of universal studios swallowed up” She told her friends and it spread like wild fire. However later two hours later it was taken off the web and she has already spread the viral. Believe its up to you and Pakatan and BN needs to know how to engage the minds.

  4. sarawakiana says:

    I agree with Tuns observations. BN Sarawak SUPP did not capitalise on the availabilty of the cyber machine. They were too engrossed or in awe of Pakatans capabilities and were caught off guard. Their party cyber troopers just did not perform and were given not only bloodied noses but also ended up in hospital with broken legs and limbs. Tan Sri George removed and togehter with majority of his soldiers. DAP played the right stategy and gave BN SUPP hell.

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