GE13..”It’s the Presidents Call…!!”

Standard Precedural process :- The party election committee would gather information from the ground,feedbacks and study and verify all information before making their findings to the party Supreme Council. The President of the party would have the FINAL SAY as when he affixes his signature to the BN Coalition only very occasionally will it be refused. The CM as State BN Chairman will put the partys nominated candidates on the BN Sarawak lists.

Of course many who are not nominated will use whatever and however means to be renominated by lobbying themselves or through some parties who walks the corridors of power and are sitting inside the Federal BN election team.

Its a process which parties needs to adhere to eventhough the lobbying is intense but we know…

“It’s the President’s Call at the end of the DAY..”


3 thoughts on “GE13..”It’s the Presidents Call…!!”

  1. kashoggi says:

    If Jelaing stays on he will suffer the same fate as peter Nyarok defeated by big majority. its crystal clear that SPDP needs to find someone new.

  2. Hulk says:

    Party should really look into filling in new young professional candidates!!! Old blocks has to go. If not how to serve the young rakyats!

    Think wisely presidents!!

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