Bersih 2.0 “Sabah style…!!”

Bugi Wijaya sent us this picture which was taken in front of Suria Sabah Shopping Mall at 2.00pm where some youths were seen demonstrating. Copycats not in yellow headband shows that there are in fact “police cadets” acting so that the FRU personnels will be able to handle the situation when the need arises.

There are some programmes being planned to coincide with the ‘Bersih 2.0″ in Sabah and according to our source SAPP Sabah will be cashing in on the event and the date to ensure that the people of Sabah that they are also fighting for electoral reforms. The event will be held at the party headquarters and it is reliably learnt that the FRU personnels will be at the premises on Saturday. 

Bugi Wijaya was also informed that some Pakatan leaders from Sabah are already in the Federal Capital whilst the Pakatan youths are the only ones which will be around in Sabah to participate in an illegal assembly. A veteran political observer said to Bugi Wijaya” This clearly shows that the Pakatan leaders are not interested in the local issues and by leaving it to the youths it will make BN Sabah realised the 2/3rds will be achievable again when the State elections are called. It’s like the masters have called and they are succumbing and bending their knees.”

SAPP a “nyamuk” party would get the limelight in the next day papers if DAP/PKR/PAS Sabah leaders are not in Sabah. The staged demonstration shows that the Police and authorities are not taking anything lightly and they will take the necessary steps to prevent any untoward incidents from happening in the State of Sabah.