Bersih…”Lang Beng..U turn again”

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has spoken and has issued a statement on “Bersih Rally on the 9th July 2011”  I was asked by a SB Police Officer to make an official report last week but said I will do so when I come back from Sabah. I picked up the phone and called some of my members to come with me last week but today we all declined.

Good or Bad…!! DEPENDS….

No,it was out of respect as the constitutional monarch our King has already spoken and we need by all accounts should leave it to the organisers to do a U-turn. Our subject matter does not cover this subject but something which is more near to our hearts.

Our earlier article “DAP Sarawak U-Turn??”plus the newsmedia touches on it should be the call of the day as Malaysia develops.

Some midway residents and shopkeepers remembered me and  said,”blogs certainly does play a huge part in getting Riveria the U-turn” Can you write something for us. We are the “langbeng{meaning rakyat,people} and our voices should be heard.

We have used all our persuasive techiniques and requests to DAP YBs ,BN YB Ali Mahmud and the JKR Director and their answers were “IT’s DECLINED.” How can that be? Maybe we should asks our MP for this area?


Or better still the GE13 is coming and we might just vote for “an independant” It’s not fair as you know Riveria belongs to “You know who..” Of course, as citizens of Malaysia we are entitle to bring our grievances  and if Riveria residents are losing M$60 on petrol what about midway residents.

The YBs and MPs are voted in the people. We have every right to asks for something which is not extraordinarily difficult like building a M10 million three lane highway here.  We only asking for a U-turn. Hopefully the PM or CM might just get wind of this and fulfill our “little requests”

On the matter of the rally in KL the midway residents said,”we musts exercise all avenues before we really take to the streets and the Agong has spoken and we should find a way around it. ”

Lets Gets us our U-turn……………..