“War” in Malaysia..??”

Please lah ..this is absolutely nonsense when the Silat Master “Mahaguru” Tan Sri Omardin Mauju comes up with it’.

We maintain our stand to go to ‘war’

if they still want to proceed with this illegal rally. If it happens, I cannot guarantee I can control the emotions of my members because they have been taught to act when faced with opposition.”

For the information of many who does not know self defense let me tell you,” My 3 brothers and my dad all received 1st dan Black belt in Tang Soo Do {Moo Duk Kwan-Korean of self defence) way back in 1976. {received mine from the then 7th dan Instructor Hwang Kee on 15th June 1976.

We took it as an art of protecting ourselves and not to go against anyone. We were taught specifically to use it only when we are attacked. We took a solemn oath. But unfortunately or rather by twists of fate I was attacked by some school bullies,”Kwailo-English boys by the way who kept on pushing and hitting me and also calling me Asian Shit/Prawn Balls” in England. I was even hauled up by the authorities concerned in England after giving those “Kwailo’s” a taste of the medicine. I was told in so many words “You are a student at your art of self defence and didn’t your masters teach you.?”You should fend them off instead of giving them broken lips,nose and bruises”

Your actions could have got you deported and also even jail sentences. I was given a very strong warning and it wasn’t just a simple telling off. Mine you, I was 17++  then and been young doesn’t mean you can get away with murder. I was given probationary sentence and asks to teach students the art as a punishment every Wednesday afternoon. They even wrote to our Federation in England to asks permission for me to conduct classes for the benefit. That is how they teach offenders and that should be the way.

This report written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain I have every reason to be supportive. He said,”The Mahaguru, a Tan Sri wants to whack the living daylights out of Bersih activists for participating in a Democracy March. Silat, an Art of Self Defence is now being used to launch a pre-emptive strike. A chop, chop here and a chop, chop there, and then some flying kicks everywhere as they have been taught to respond when faced with opposition.And all the while we thought that Silat is actually practised for self-defense. Why would they also want to go to war?

By the way,if I had continued with my art of self defense 35 years later from 1976 I would have also been nearly if not a Grand Master of the Korean Art. In my training in Kuching at that time when my blood rushed up my brains especially at free sparring I did a lot of damage intentionally or unintentionally. Three persons had broken arms from my round houses kick and back spins while many had their “balls kicked” amongst whom was a retired Police OCPD and a very hated officer by the Miri gangsters. He would drive fear when the bad hats were hauled up before him and its the truth.

Ever wondered what happen..Spare the details shhh?

Please lah the rally if it still goes on is not a chance for the Grand Master of silat to tell his students to hit back with lethal kicks and the rests of the late Bruce Lee’s style. The Mahaguru might have been watching too much “Kung Fu Panda movies recently says my malay friend. He should just go into hiding after this as many other grand masters of the art of self defenses would not like to be associated with his concept.

Maybe its now called the art of attacking…or prepare to go for “War.”

WHAT SAY YOU………….Ooooh Please lah..!!

24 thoughts on ““War” in Malaysia..??”

    • Ibans kuching says:

      Perhaps this Bolehland can just stop recruiting new police or securities which this mahaguru can provide free defence and protection to the public.

  1. nana says:

    Hari ini dalam sejarah….hahahahaha…memang dah jadi terbalik…kata nak belajar silat,kung fu,wushu or whatever untuk pertahankan diri tapi lain pulak jadinya…nak lawan musuh pulak..alahai…dunia ini dah terbalik..cakap tak serupa bikin…depan lain belakang lain….

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Datang Sarawak nanti kena Sarawak kungfu..haha apa lah mahaguru.Not fit to be a leader of your so called 50000. Mana Otak You? In your Legs and Hands kah?

  3. Steve Ngui says:

    we mobilise… all the wulin master dan shaolin master to againts the KOTOR rally…. sarawakian TOLAK illegal rally…

  4. Rapiee bin A. helmi says:

    Teruk lah! Nasib Mahaguru Silat ni bukan orang Sarawak.Kalau dia orang Sarawak kami mesti halau dia. Mana Otak dia ?Beri malu aja!
    Mana ada mahu cakap macam mahu declare”war”pun.Aiyo bawa dia kebalai polis lah! Orang macam nya jangan datang ke negeri sarawak.
    BAN Dia juga!
    Sarawak Aman dan damai.

  5. Johannes Wong PP says:

    Its ridiculous to say the least. How can the Home Minister allow people like that to roam the streets? The Mahaguru is in actual fact telling his students and instigating them to attack in so far as defending.50,000 silat exponents on the streets isn’t that an illegal gathering too?
    Anyone in their right frame of mind will use this to turn against the Police too. Allowing silat exponents all dressed up in Black we presume to counter those from Yellow side. Will they go against the Red ones? Or for that matter UMNO Youth?
    Good sense should prevail and dont talk like the mahaguru”war”
    Bring him in under the “sedition and incitement of crowd act”

  6. vera says:

    Violence should not be tolerated at all costs. The organisers of this rally should and must be told that anything can happen. Of course the IGP is under attack as I can see from the internet blogs. Good point on the brainless Tan Sri mahaguru of Silat. How can he of all people say that we maintain our stand and go to War. What war is he talking about? Peaceful rally without arms against silat exponents.Oh wake up or I should say “disappear lah Mahaguru”

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: Semua ini ‘WAR’ + ‘CRUSH BODIES’ adalah dari itu mahaguru punya tuan….iaitu najis laaaa n dia orang ini main kotor dalam election……n sekarang takut terbongkar rahsia tahi tahi kotor dia orang penyamun ini!!!!…barulah lah mau buli orang dengan WAR WAR WAR!!!! kepala otak udang najis@nagypt ini……sama itu SHIT X3 punya katak gemuk!!!! :oops:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  8. phyllis says:

    Sad but true. This is sickening from a Tan Sri and a Mahaguru of Silat of all people. Strip him of all his titles!!!!!!!

  9. Connie chung says:

    I am not afraid. I am for new reforms and we must be realistic as the electoral rolls are much to be desired. However,by going on the streets is another matter. Its beng too politicised and we have unnecessary actions being taken and words which must not be spoken are thrown out to be judged by the people.
    This Tan Sri Omardin Mauju must be clamouring to be noticed by the ruling party or he wished that he never uttered the words”war”.Shame on him and seriouly he should be hauled up more than Ibrahim Ali and not that i support him.
    He has been bold enough to come out and clarify .That needs GUTS and he has plenty. However saying that Perkasa should also stay out of it.
    My friends said it will be a martial arts show in the end. Silat versus All the street fighters.

  10. Talhir says:

    We just saw it in the dustbin.? Maharugu Mauju’s student threw it out and shouted,”Sini Tan Sri tak mahu lagi. Dia mahu pergi berperang.Tak elok pakai dengan pakaian silat.”
    Bodoh Dia..!!

  11. Ibans kuching says:

    Malaysia creates history in the world by banning people to wear yellow shirts,shoes,,neckties,belts and even under garments.Malaysia is really Bolehland, anything can happen.

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Holy cOw!!!! PUKE….last year CANDLELIGHT + BLACK not allow…then i change to YELLOW color underwear!!!! n now YELLOW not allow then i think i better change back to BLACK UNDERWEAR !!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT……gila punya najis + lagi sombong….. http://bit.ly/mKL1K5 :mrgreen:

    WITH GREAT POWER comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!!! but methink this type of ARROGANT@SOMBONG leaders where got RESPONSIBILITY 1 when they can threaten the ‘RAKYAT’!!!!!!!

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  13. Ibans kuching says:

    KL will becomes Yellow River on 9th July,2011 and might enter guinness world record which Malaysia has rarely made

  14. phyllis says:

    I’ll say it again.Strip him of the titles…Should have been called in to giove statement too this good for nothing and brainless Mahaguru.50000 silat exponents dressed in black mind you in KL please isnt that illegal?

  15. Anak JB says:

    Jangan main main, nanti kena tumbuk Tan Sri Mahaguru punya kuku harimau berantai, sepakan silat gayung….mampus kita

    Jaga jaga juga Mahaguru ini bisa terbang atas kepala kita……tapi ada satu yang dia takut…itu isteri nya

  16. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    :idea: RAKYAT all are AWAKEN n will support :idea: PAKATAN RAKYAT :idea: all the way…. :idea:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

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