Anwar “GE13-People Decides …!”

Our last article the people power decides we said,”Of course its the people who will decide as when they have done it each and everyone of the 222 elected Parliamentarians will be the peoples choice. Its just ironic that at the PKR Shah Alam Convention Anwar is telling the whole world that Pakatan will win the GE13. The titled article by the internet portal seems to have challenged the BN to fight back-Anwar: BN no match for Pakatan, GE-13 is the best opportunity to win  

What do you sincerely and honestly think BN will do? Sit Back and Get hammered..?? Or Better still let the People Decide….

We shall see as the challenge has been thrown towards BN…


The article:- Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN was no match for the Pakatan Rakyat and the time had come to finally win the federal government in the 13th general election, widely expected to held within the next few months.

Anwar, who is de-facto head of both the PKR party and Pakatan coalition, said BN had clung on because it cheated and used all forms of unfair means to win. This was why it feared the Bersih 2.0 anti-election fraud rally slated for July 9.

Anwar also said if Najib could promise he would hold free and fair elections, he would recommend to Bersih chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan to call off the rally. But the likelihood of the Najib administration acceding to the Bersih’s 9 demands for transparency are as good as zero.

“BN cannot debate us on governance or the economy, but only try to divide us,” said Anwar.

He added that despite the obstacles thrown in their way, Pakatan and PKR survived because they had “the programmes”.

The Opposition Leader and Permatang Pauh MP was speaking at the PKR election convention held in Shah Alam on Sunday. More than 4,000 delegates thronged the hall and the mood of elation and barely suppressed excitement could be felt as election fever gripped the party.

Earlier, secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told delegates that the time had come for Malaysia to finally emerge from a dark age of feudalism and corruption dominated by the UMNO elite.

“It’s development time for Malaysia, it’s Anwar time for Malaysia,” Saifuddin said to thunderous applause from the hall.

Best opportunity

Pakatan came to power in 2008, sweeping control of 5 of Malaysia’s 13 states and denying BN its long-held two-thirds majority in Parliament.

In the past three years, Najib and his UMNO party have focused on how to wrest back these states which included jewels Selangor and Penang through the use of all ways and means and at “all costs”.

To maintain the upperhand, Najib also fully exploited the judiciary, tarnishing its credibility which is now at the lowest ebb following the Perak power grab. None of the other instututions such as the police, the MACC, the media, the civil service and even the government hospitals hold much traction with the people anymore, as Najib also bent them to his will in order to show his might over the Pakatan.

But the more the PM applied his strong-arm tactics and the more unprofessional the institutions became, the more the people rejected him and his UMNO party. Even the economy has suffered with few large investors willing to put their money here until credibility in the country’s system was restored.

Anwar told delegates the 13th General Election was the “best opportunity” to form the federal government as the Pakatan needed just a five per cent swing in votes to win. In 2008, Pakatan won 47 per cent of the 8 million votes cast, while BN took the balance.

“We have come this far from 1999, 12 or 13 years is a very short time. Now we need just five per cent to change the Malaysian landscape. This is our best opportunity, not just for Pakatan but for the people to change the government,” Anwar said.

Focus on election, not on whether I am jailed, says Anwar

Among obstacles that BN has thrown in Pakatan’s way include manifestly fabricated sodomy charges against Anwar, which he has denied and accused Najib and wife Rosmah of plotting, the Datuk T sex video conspiracy by 3 UMNO members with close links to Najib and ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad, the innumerable attacks against DAP and the Penang state government as well as merger offers to PAS, which the Islamist party has rejected.

However, the most immediate risk is from the sodomy trial, where Malaysians generally expect Anwar to be jailed, just as Mahathir had imprisoned him for 6 years in 1998. Many pundits worry this will set back Pakatan as Anwar is regarded as the glue that holds the coalition together.

Even so, Pakatan top leaders have braced themselves for such an eventuality and PKR itself has strengthened its leadership structure with deputy president Azmin Ali poised to step in and help PKR president Wan Azizah run the party should Anwar be incarcerated again.

“Forget about whether Anwar is thrown in jail but just focus on the election,” said Anwar.

He added that BN actually faced more problems than Pakatan and supporters should be confident their leaders can easily recapture their seats in the coming GE.

“Who doesn’t know about inflation? Independent power producers? The Port Klang Free Zone? Teoh Beng Hock? Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people,” said Anwar.

“Machang, Permatang Pauh, Merbok and Gombak were all Umno strongholds. But look what happened in 2008. So make sure you work hard because you don’t want to lose by a small margin.”

BN and Pakatan will be at each others back and the People will decide during GE13 of course it very much still depends on the CANDIDATES PRESENTED.. 

Nothing will escape the PEOPLE NOW…

58 thoughts on “Anwar “GE13-People Decides …!”

  1. Lucas lim says:

    Anwar really like to talk big. What happen to 916 he promised last election??? Batch of crab. He only interests to make himself the PM of Malaysia which I don’t think so. He never did good when he was the education & finance minister. Also angkat dr m bola. I went to many of his ceramah last DUN he said will win but reality???? Nothing. Even Baru also almost kalah. Don’t talk big la. Be humble.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: Don’t talk SHIT la…..sound like i’BRA’him **&^%@(())_^%$…. n this racist gomen rules by old wolf must be change or RAKYAT will suffer more with PRICE INCREASE after 13th GE…..BETTER BELIEVE IT n Don’t talk SHIT la…..I tel you 3 times don’t talk SHiiiiiiiiii???????? ai yo yoyoyo :mrgreen:

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

        :mrgreen: Wah lau leh :!: Don’t play-play ah PCK coming kah?!?! hehehehehe anyway my bro everyday very STRONG one eh n don’t worry!!!! n now this SHIT X3 katak i’BRA’him balls shrink already leow n talk like SHIT :arrow: :mrgreen:

        Ai yo yoyoyo ….just leave DSAI alone with his Sweet Family for a while la n lets talk serious politics here now……B-END PANIC + DESPERATE NOW WITH 1 GOOD ULAR n 1 BAD KATAK SANDIWARA N THEY ARE VERY KOTOR laaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

        Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  2. apai jok says:

    He talk big Lucas but the people are still following his call. Looks like the wind of change is coming.What more does BN want if they have not rip the country with fanning racial and religious tension and filling up their pockets?

  3. cromwell P says:

    The shelf life of the BN government is coming to an end sooner rather than later. The leaders are not showing the same commitment that their forefahters have fought for in their politcal struggle and for the better good of the country. Too many things have had happened and the authorities have somewhat turned a blind eye to the crimes committed. Anwar is harping on it and riding the dissatisfaction of the country masses and using the world as a stage for his message to filter through. God help Malaysia!

  4. Dawne Kwan says:

    July 9 will we see Perkasa and the Bersih demonstrators crossed paths? This will have further repercussions on the country and if UMNO Youth joins in it will not be too wise. Why should Perkasa join in when they can have their own later if they are so strong as proclaimed by self”war general Ibrahim”. Look himself in the mirror and if he continues his heart might just give up on him on the 9th…

  5. Lucas Lim says:

    No. I m not Blinded or bought by BN. Just tell my thoughts and shown my stand about this guy. Prove me wrong again by winning the next GE la or don’t talk big. A lie is a lie. Where is 916 anwar promised??? Don’t give excuse please. I don’t mind having different people rule the country. In fact is better to have 2 strong parties system but I don’t like white lie.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: Lucas Lim should just go n carry this racist fat :evil: katak i’BRA’him ball + lickkk its X !!! :mrgreen:

  6. cyber warrior says:

    Lucas should get his head checked. He is no different from Ibrahim Ali in this sense and for what he said about Anwar talking big if not for the Taiwan trip today he will be praising Anwar. Najib talk about perception but he cannot have one like 916. He only have 1Malaysia which is mre than a failure. Lucas wake up!

  7. dayang says:

    Anyone know who this Lucas Lim is? Facebook gotr or not.Seems he is trying to do something too. Jangan bodohkan orang Lucas.

  8. Lucas Lim says:

    Ho Ho Ho. U should lick anwar balls. Should be fun since u like him so much. I don’t like Ibrahim, he is another stupid idiot and racist. 916 was a failure. Forget about 1 Malaysia which I don’t understand where got 1 malayisa. Other than umno people where got people being treated fair? Look at our rural people in sarawak so poor for so many years yet not much improvement since indepence. Our country is going backward.

  9. banyak klaka says:

    Umno masuk Sarawak lg lah Sarawak akan miskin…tgklah kat semenanjung pun masih ramai yang miskin…kalau betul2 nak bantu rakyat bantulah rakyat kat semenanjung tu dulu..kami kat Sarawak masih sihat dan sentiasa happy di sini tanpa gangguan Umno.

  10. puteri spdp says:

    Umno masuk Sarawak lg lah Sarawak akan miskin…tgklah kat semenanjung pun masih ramai yang miskin…kalau betul2 nak bantu rakyat bantulah rakyat kat semenanjung tu dulu..kami kat Sarawak masih sihat dan sentiasa happy di sini tanpa gangguan Umno….dont try to make us kucar kacir lah…

  11. gill says:

    Aiyo lucas lim when you born ? why you need to say this,”Ho Ho Ho. U should lick anwar balls” should let the courts decide and then we will know whether BN will stay in power in GE13.hahahaha

  12. dunia Putih says:

    Lucas lim,… U should look outside the box not just inside the box. U are the one who lick anwar balls. Pakatan and the others can get lost. Lucas lim was talking big and your mouth smell like shit. Just don’t talk too much if u didn’t know nothing.

  13. dunia Putih says:

    Lucas lim,… U should look outside the box not just inside the box. U are the one who lick anwar balls. Lucas lim was talking big and your mouth smell like shit. Hahahaha…. Just don’t talk too much if u didn’t know nothing.

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Ai yo yoyoyo Lucas ah!!!! now everyone you don’t like n you wanna play lick balls!!! :shock: n my advice to you …..BETTER GO CHECK YOUR BRAIN whether got contaminate by bumNO bapa esKAY@ayam + chua@snake porn movie or not?!?! hehehehehehehe

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  15. sarawakiana says:

    Something interesting here? Seems Lucas Lim under heavy fire. He should know that BN is not everyones friend now. Sarawak still ok except the Taib family take too much away from the people and the Chinese have spoken against SUPP.

  16. dayak people says:

    Aiyo lucas lim..think before u said..r we still live in da rite..see surrounding, everyone is BN development..who said we are living backwards..datz shit man..

  17. sarawakiana says:

    aiyo i forgot you also hantam BaruBian my friend just pointed it out to me ,”Even Baru also almost kalah” who losts more Lucas Lime SUPP 13 out of 19. U talk big and you must be the rich taib crony chinese who benefit and now scared that BN will soon lose its power. U better pack your bags Lucas as Baru will get you too…

  18. sarawakiana says:

    lucas you are so not focus you need to check your brains. One minute you support BN next you hantam BN. see your responses. U playing both ways kah?

  19. dayak people says:

    Where r u lucas lim..why suddenly keep quiet when people hamtam u..a few minutes u dare to run away oredy haaa..sudah takut ka!!

  20. dayak people says:

    Yalorr..kejap u hamtam anwar, nex lagi u hamtam 1Malaysia and nex lagi u hamtam umno..wat to hamtam..there’s a place for u lucas lim at mental hospital kota sentosa..wanna me put u there?? I’ll be pleased by dat..

  21. dunia Putih says:

    Lucas lim… Ada hospital gila utk u lucas. Sy dgr nurse sana bgs utk jaga u. Haha… Pig head la u lucas. People like u should jz go to hell.

  22. nana says:

    Now u see langit tinggi atau rendah..nobody backing u liaw…u r too free lah bro…earn so much money n nothing to do…

  23. nana says:

    look lucas u want to engage against us u must be prepared to fight against us….Watcha!!!!!hehehehehe….jangan marah yer

  24. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Look like we need Sweet Shakira to cool us down man!!!!! Just sit down n be cool ….but THIS IS HOT man! :lol:

  25. sarawakiana says:

    Hei we have Yen Yen spending so much on Facebook and now we have Lucas Lim saying so much on Anwar,UMNO and 1Malaysia. He have to be a good friend of Yen Yen.Heard he very close with her. Like GLUEEEEEEE……

  26. zainuddin says:

    Apa Hal tok Lucas Lim? Dia jawab soalan macam sama Ibrahim Ali Perkasa Pengerusi. Tak ada akal dan macam ada bunyi dari burit nya.

  27. phyllis says:

    Wats going on here Yo? seems our friend Lucas Lim it seems is the major “suspect” here. He should know2 that many support Anwar and many think all the charges are trumped up and BN is going to go after GE13. Like the idea dont you? Oh Yea i heard many have made reservations or their planes are waiting to go as soon as BN loses. Bring the GE13 on Man!!!

  28. dayang says:

    Ya lah orang cakap jangant hantam Anwar.Lucas Lim mahu jua. Dia kena teruk di blog ni. Yang dapat tolong nya UMNO.Mana semua UMNO cyber troopers? tidur kah!!

  29. dunia Putih says:

    Maybe lucas lim don’t have ball right now. Hiding somewhere lucas? Hahaha.. Totally pussy… Hahaha… Lucas lim takut sudah ka. Common lucas if u think u can againts us, it better u face it. Haha… Fight like a man lucas. Lucas, what about SUPP lucas? Are u still with them? SUPP hancur sudah la. Tinggal debu saja. Hahaha…

  30. nana says:

    Kesian Lucas…that’s y before u hentam ppl think first….we all live in harmony country…jangan gaduh2…hahhahaha….

  31. dayak people says:

    Aisehh..I agreed wit sarawakiana..lucas lim just like Yen Yen..trying so hard to tell lies..memang dia punya close GLUE!! Don’t just said and run after dat..come on lahh..stop da lies..

  32. dayak people says:

    Seems like lucas lim run away oredy..datz y, don’t simply hamtam people..Lucas..Come on lah face us. Why do u blame 1 Malaysian concept? Why u didn’t blame your party??? SUPP long gone already ah…so when u will comming back from england? SUPP dh jadi sup sudah la. Bkn jadi party lg… Hahaha… Serve u right… U’re jz another shit that like to talk too much. Hohoho…

  33. sarawakiana says:

    Aisehman! Heard now lucas Lim and Yen Yen facebook friends. Haha so no different these two persons leh. U can check him up in FB too..

  34. dunia Putih says:

    Lucas… U already taste the water is it… How is it taste??? Hahaha… U’re just another pussy. Like the others. Hehe

  35. sarawakiana says:

    lucas lucky you are gracious in defeat.U see BN cybertoopers no match for us lah! They only spin sex,racial,religious and are not sicere.NO SOUL Yo!!!

  36. dayang says:

    Oh he finally accept his weaknesses like so many BN SUPP candidates. Thats why they have losts 13 out of 19. Go tell your people Lucas.

  37. nana says:

    Lain kali sebelum bercakap or komen apa2 fikir dahulu….now siapa yang susah?but anyway..hapy day yaa mr lucas…..enjoy ur day

  38. Cab Palang says:

    Eh!!!! Wat did i miss ???
    Sm 1 is so lucky at the moment….
    Who’s that again Lucas hahahaha……
    When the time comes u will feel Cab Palang …..

  39. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Ai yo yoyoyo this Lucas get GRILL by true all :idea: Anak Malaysia :idea: n I can see not even a B-enD trooper come to his support or ?!?!?! …..n maybe that Perkosa katak i’BRA’him will help him to shito all of us!!!!…..don’t DREAM anymore la Lucas bcoz BIG TSUNAMI of CHANGE gonna HIT B-eNd until they don’t even know what?????? hit them!!!!!!……………………..CHANGE n don’t be like those very RACIST B-eNd bumNO……hohoho :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  40. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: You just can’t BULLY others (MINORITY) in this 21st Century!… u sick B-eNd bumNO!!! bcoz at this age we are talking about NUKES,BIO TECH,LASER,STEALTH n many more latest tech. that you goons n robbers will never understand!?!?!? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH……………. :oops:


    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  41. Gurubesarkapit says:

    Malaysia culture ” Small thing Big do ” Launching,opening celebrations,YBs visits are all very grand with months of preparation and tonnes of resources wasted unnecessarily. Look how Obama visit his people around US.Fly there , makes few statements that all. here you have thousands to line up all in uniform to welcome a small or big Guest >Betul-betul budaya kampung lah, wasteful

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