MP’s Beware “The Third Eye..!!”

When we sat down for breakfast this morning the N1 Candidate for PKR Boniface Willy Tumek said,”not many bloggers and main stream media are willing to write about NCR, illegal logging and land for oil palm.” Anyway we in PKR will and defend the State rights and the natives rights as it has been way over the top. It’s good that Adenan Satem is the new Minister with Special Functions and let’s see how far he will reach down to the companies to stop these ‘ malpractises.”

We have two elected representatives in the State Assembly in Baru Bian and See Chee How who will be keeping a very close eye on these matters. They have been elected as they have championed the cause and won a number of court cases and now its up to the “experience boy in new clothes Adenan” to engage them if necessary.

Willy said,’We in PKR have been using the alternative media to the fullest and armed with this technology we have penetrated deep into the BN Bastions. Only now,BN are looking at it seriously and the FACEBOOK, twitters and blogs are already the politicians third eye for them. Very soon, it will be the General Elections and the MPs (members of parliament) who don’t use this media will be in for a shocker.

Even PBB Daud Abdul Rahman Tupong N6 had a shock when his seemingly safe Bidayuh areas saw decrease in votes from the semi-rural constituency. He used to see only around 23 opposition in this polling district but in the last elections it has increased to 101. The younger set of Bidayuh voters have made their intentions known and they are not staying anymore in the villages. They want development to reach their areas and if the Government concentrates on too much urban development the answer is ” we will go against as there are not any business opportunities in the rural areas”

The Facebook photos of HI Chin posted is a good example that the MPs and the ADUNs today will not be spared. The ever increasing technological advances are now the THIRD EYE and the politicians today have to step up or they will be SHIPPED OUT. This is a very good example on how the PKR National Vice Chairman SN Voon engaged ,”Hi chin ,can you tell us where is this place ? We have alerted the members from PKR Bau to attend to it … Mr Boniface Willie hp number is 016 8835668. Please call us … Thanks.

BN legislators are slowly catching up but it is still too slow and they are not exactly directing their party counterparts to be on the alert.The rubbish was cleaned up but does this simple tasks need to reach the politicians ears and eyes before it is carried out. The ruling government put in adminstrators who should be working for the government as they are also “paid by the rakyats $$$$” This is not an excuse and before long many will feel the wrath of the THIRD EYE.

MPs you have been NOTIFIED……

11 thoughts on “MP’s Beware “The Third Eye..!!”

    • Malaysia as claimed by World organisations is only good at papers work, full of slogans like the popular brainchild of Najib 1 Malaysia , everything is 1 Malaysia, be it in politics , commercial and governments SEMUA 1.

      But in the eyes of the world is 1 Malaysia but 2 systems. Bumi and non bumi

      Most of them remain as slogans and rhetoric which can never walk.

      Too Bloated, Too Malay, Too incompetent,Too UMNO ,Too Proud, Too Uncompetitive and Too LAZY can best describe the ” Slver Plated Malaysia civil servants.”

      • Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

        :roll: he he he najis is full of 1 shit i’BRA’him perkosa n lots of little napoleon lazy BUGS!!!!!! he he he :roll:

        Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  1. To most egotistic and tall tale BN leaders especially in SUPP,another wave of Tsumani will soon pour in and eventually submerge you forever.

    A General who knows himself and not his enemies always lost in the war.

  2. Not uncommon. Up and down the country.These little Napoleans in the councils/govt agencies have forgotten they are being paid by the peoples money. They are so involve in offical functions and showing themselves with powers that they forget their tasks of looking after their offices. This is a good example and kuddos to the person who took the picture. Well done its a good start and use the right way Facebook will be a good tool.

  3. The council staff should be changed and if they think they are masters we will teach them who the masters are after the next GE13. Rubbish collection is under the council jurisdiction and they should make sure its done. National registration already going to get it with outdated laws and next we also have to review the council laws.

  4. Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:


  5. Taib is under probe both locally and internationally, says MACC chief, Abdul Kassim,

    I cannt disclose anything yet until the probe is completed.

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