Dayak “Tan Sri’s..Unprecedented..??”

A political analyst pointed that it is true what the President of PRS James Masing said,”I am receiving PSM (which carries the ‘Tan Sri’ title) on behalf of the Dayak community. It’s their unwavering support for BN which gives BN leaders the decision to give me the honour,”

Though its an honour for him,Mawan (President of SPDP) and Leonard Linggi Jugah ( former PBB SG ) to be honoured together its just Unprecented.No matter how or what your imagination maybe the there are many who will not take it as face value but  questions the political motive behind.

The analyst even said this was given by the Agong and it must have been strong recommendation from the Prime Minister himself. Is Najib putting a clear message to CM Taib he asked.? It will be debated for sometime yet and for now the Dayaks should be honoured as James Masing says and do not look beyond the political message.

A former aide to James Masing said,”He is sick of the games that is being played and knows that its way above PM Najib and some HIDDEN HANDS are behind all these. Its more than a checkmate if you know what I mean..!!” Thats for you to use your political knowledge and you will have a more concrete picture when the jigsaws come in place in the coming months.More will appear out of the cracks soon.”

Let it unfold and see whether I am correct or not. For now he says,” Am not buying such a move,ITS UNPRECEDENTED …. 



9 thoughts on “Dayak “Tan Sri’s..Unprecedented..??”

  1. Ibans kuching says:

    A kid game played by Najib to ensuring that Dayaks remain strong and forever support BN so as he can defend his Putrajaya which is now in danger.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Any choice? mosts of the rich dayaks are all for BN. The once who shout and support the Opposition are only a minority. James Masing talks and shouts and as if he wants to jump but his legs are too short to jump to join Pakatan when he was asked. Now made a Tan Sri he already happy. He is also getting old and he will be irrelevant very soon. TIMES UP James.

  3. Ibans kuching says:

    Dear brothers,spare some of your precious time to visit PRS of PRS to share some your comments and advices

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