SUPP “Najib Will Wait Don’t worry..!!”

It seems that the GE13 will not be called anytime soon. One of the indicators will be SUPP which will only have its TDC in December 2011. If they are to be held anytime soon BN will be looking at close to 7 seats losts if the State election results are to be studied indepth. No need to say where the seats will be as its clearly marked,”SUPP AREAS/CONSTITUENCIES” Even at a recent BN Supreme council meeting the SUPP seats were already marked as dangerous seats.

Isn’t the message crystal clear and sources have even put it as Sabah will break from the norm to have State elections in November to gauge the BN winning edge and also secure Sabah first like Sarawak as BN states. If Sabah is in November fingers are pointing to GE in March 2012 where the ‘prophets of doom’ and also “practitioners of chinese metaphysics” has indicated Najibs chances are so much brighter after February 2012. Najib holds the trump card and he will not want to go into battle knowing he doesnt have upper hand.

Even Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan president )has said that the  media probably the ones who indulged in the speculation. He added,”we will let you know when the time comes.Sometimes when you talk too much (about it), it will not come. When you stop talking (about it), it happens,”


SUPPs date with destiny:- The article from an internet portal

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), badly bruised in the recent state elections, is to make sweeping changes at all levels, party president Dr George Chan announced after the central working committee meeting yesterday.

The move will see the top five leaders giving up their posts at the triennial delegates conference (TDC) scheduled for the end of the year.

NONEThey are Dr Chan (left), deputy president Lau Hieng Ding, secretary-general Sim Kheng Hui, deputy secretary-general Wong Soon Koh and treasurer-general David Teng Lung Chi.

“Other party leaders have also indicated to me that they are not going to seek re-election to their party posts,” Dr Chan said.

Among them is vice-president and Deputy Works Minister Yong Khoon Seng, who had also indicated that he would not be defending his Stampin parliamentary seat in the coming general elections.

Dr Chan said most branch chairmen will be asked to bow out in favour of new faces and more from that group will be tapped for the Women and Youth wings executive committees.

Old age obstacle to change

“The sweeping changes are to create a new image for the party, especially among the young generation,” Dr Chan told reporters.

“You cannot make the changes if I am still around,’ he said.

Dr Chan and Sim had offered to resign down immediately after the polls to take responsibility for the party’s worst ever performance in such an outing.

However, the CWC, which met after polling day, had asked them to stay on until the TDC.

sarawak election kuching dap ceramah 160411 02Wong, who is also the State Minister of Public Health and Environment, had recently offered to quit his party post during the TDC.

He also indicated that he will not be defending his Bawang Assan seat in the next state elections.

Lau, former federal minister of science, technology and environment, has long wanted to step down as deputy president due to poor health.

Dr Chan and Teng failed to retain their respective seats in April while Sim lost his in Pending in the 2006 election.

In that elections, SUPP lost in 13 seats to the Opposition, out of 19 contested.

Dr Chan said that party leaders will be going to the ground, starting in August, to explain the proposed changes to the members.

“There are about 110,000 of them who want to hear from us about the changes,” he said, adding that as such the annual central committee meeting scheduled to be held before the TDC will be scrapped.

sibu by election 070510 wong soon kohOn Wong’s (left) and Lee Khim Sin’s positions in the state cabinet, Dr Chan said the CWC had decided unanimously that they should remain.

A flip and a flop

At the previous meeting, the CWC wanted them not accept any state cabinet position in response to the poor support from the Chinese community.

The CWC, however, recommended that the four Dayak state assemblypersons replace them in the state cabinet.

At yesterday’s meeting, however, the CWC decided that Wong and Lee be allowed accept cabinet positions.

Dr Chan explained that the two will act as links between the party and the government.

“Moreover, we have accepted the advice of Prime Minister Najib Razak and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud for SUPP to remain part and parcel of the government.

“We have a lot to lose if we are not in the government,” he said.


6 thoughts on “SUPP “Najib Will Wait Don’t worry..!!”

  1. beritamu says:

    With more Perkasa Ali in Malaysia fighting for the half-cooked and mediocre students, Msia can only produce the right pool pool skilled human capital in another century.

    The pro bumi policies of moderate means best and good means moderate will fail the country miserably.

  2. Lucas Lim says:

    Now is the best time for the 5 old foxes to contribute fund to rebuild SUPP. Since they stay in big palace, big car etc. They already drain SUPP dry now they are smart to say they should go without responsibility? Resignation is good but too late now. The party has merely anything left & almost finished. Next time if u see these 5 super self enrich ex leader, u should not give any respect for such person. All of them have more then 10 millions so don’t pity them.

  3. Ibans kuching says:

    Third class mentality with no integrity Pahang MB,Adnan Yaakob says rent-seeking is OK.

    Alibaba,Alibabalah after Malays are not good and interested in economics but only MONEY,

    Saya bagi awak sikit,saya ambil banyak .

    This could translate a very bad impression of BN administration

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: This sick + tainted najis DNA now worry that its :evil: wrongdoing expose….n very soon all can see its true wolf color!!!!! :roll:


    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  5. beritamu says:

    Najib says Gawai and Kaamatan festivals worthy of world attention .

    Putrajaya is yet to recongise these 2 grand occasions and openly declare public holidays in Msia in line with the concept of 1 Malaysia.

    What are the status of these ethnics in Malaysia ?.

    What is Najib talking about, World appreciations but not local recongisation .

  6. mandi bahauddin says:

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