“Stop this Nonsense…!!

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia as enshrined in the Constitution. This is very clear and as a Malaysian citizens we fully subscribed to that. There should not be any questions asked on that and whoever is playing and fanning religious sentiments should be shown and thrown the book. The longer this is brought up and played to the Malaysian gallery it will be very detrimental to uphold the peace,religious and racial harmony.

We as strong believers in our own faith are indeed disturbed and angered and we strongly hope that the ruling government and the administrative powers that exists in the country should come down hard on the overzealous and overreactive reports that has surfaced.

We do not need to overelaborate on this subject as many has jumped on the bandwagon and criticize the enthusiastic over the top reporting. This has got to stop and this report we extract from the internet portal will be sufficient to inform the editors/writers that they have indeed crossed the line. Please get back on track and be more responsible to all Malaysians of all FAITHS.

We also ask Politicians and Political parties from both sides of the divide to use all the POWERS which has been bestowed to you by Malaysians of all races to protect the Country from all these religious bigots and curb all the sowers of hatred on religion and racial issues. This NONSENSE will be more harmful to the country than anyone can perceive.

Archbishop slams ‘irresponsible, baseless, provocative’ reporting

Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Nicholas Pakiam, has slammed reports alleging a conspiracy to turn the country into a Christian state.

endon funeral 201005 murphy pakiamDescribing the reports as “irresponsible, baseless and provocative”, Pakiam demanded that the authorities take action against what it said were quarters that seek to threaten the harmonious, multi-cultural and multi-religious make-up of the country.

A “thorough investigation” into the matter should be made to determine the source of these “insidious, provocative and malicious lies” and take action against those behind it, said Pakiam in a statement.

He was responding to the blog postings, on which an Utusan Malaysiareport was based, accusing DAP of colluding with Christian pastors to make Christianity the country’s official religion so that a Christian can become prime minister.

‘We’ve never been treasonous, hateful’

jeff ooi interview 111208Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi (left) was named in the blog postings as the DAP leader who attended the meeting and joined the prayer session with the pastors, who were reportedly attending a mega-ceramah at the Catholic Christian Centre in Penang on Saturday.

“On behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Malaysia, I would like to categorically refute the allegation that such a meeting had taken place or will take place in a Catholic venue in Penang,

“It is clear that this reporting is baseless and highly irresponsible as the reporters and editors of the above newspaper have not taken any reasonable steps whatsoever to verify the allegations made by anonymous bloggers.

“Furthermore, this report comes after the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), one of the organizers of the above meeting, having refuted the claims of those bloggers and the same was carried on online media.

“The NECF has further clarified that this meeting only covered the topic of ethical leadership and had no treasonous agenda as alleged by the bloggers and news report,” said Pakiam.

Pakiam said Christian authorities teach the community to be God-fearing and law-abiding citizens and conscientious decision-makers “based on justice which is reflective of moral and divine laws.”

Even in the Al-Kitab issue over which the Christian Federation of Malaysia has been in dispute with the government, Church leaders had always reiterated their commitment and readiness “to dialogue and work together with the government” and all parties for a just and reasonable solution.

“It is clear that our position has never been treasonous nor have we advocated hatred, antagonism or animosity towards any religion or groups of persons,” said Pakiam.

“I continue to call upon all Catholics, Christians and all Malaysians to pray, dialogue and work together to strengthen national unity and harmony. May God bless our leaders with a firm vision and the courage and strength to uphold and realise it.”

‘Utusan playing with fire’

pas umno pemuda talks parliment 010709 nasrudin hassanLending his voice in support of Pakiam’s remarks, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan (right) also described the blog and Utusan reports over the alleged conspiracy as “irresponsible” and potentially destabilising.

“Other than potentially threatening the peace, such speculations are seen as a means of seeking cheap political publicity and (part of) continuous efforts to hide weaknesses and failure in protecting the sanctity of the (Islamic) religion,” said Nasrudin in a statement entitled ‘Utusan playing with fire’.

Nasrudin said it is a well-known fact that Islam is enshrined as the official religion of the federation, with Muslims making up the majority in Malaysia’s pluralistic population.

“For these reasons, Islam should not be in a position of being jeopardised and the Muslims would not allow Islam to be threatened,” he added.

If Islam is indeed perceived as getting weaker, said Nasruin, it was because of Umno’s failure to fulfil the mandate with which it had been entrusted to govern the nation, particularly in protecting religious practices and the people’s welfare.

“If Umno had taken care of (the practice of) Islam well and strengthened it, I believe and am convinced that such speculations (by Utusan) of moves to make Christianity the official religion of the nation would not have arisen.

“At the same time, Muslims would feel at peace and comfortable with practising their religion,” he added.

9 thoughts on ““Stop this Nonsense…!!

  1. beritamu says:

    Brainless UMNO morons join the fray to show their stupidity with just 2 pro-UMNO local bloggers’s postings.

    Might be they dont know that Islam is protected by laws in the country ?. Why react to the same tunes as Pembela, Perkasa and Utusan,UMNO agent .Lack of depth in thoughts.Really pathetic.

    Who is the home and media ministers ?. Betul-betul Kampung mentality.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Malaysians will live in PEACE when those :evil: mamak tiu tiu kick the bucket asap n that SHIT X3 perkosa get his 2nd heart ATTACK !!!!! they are real syaitan behind all this SANDIWARA!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  3. beritamu says:

    Utusan Malaysia,UMNO own newspaper has the highest immunity against publication act and laws.

    Yesterday,Kristian agama Malaysia,today,Bangkitklah Melayu,tomorrow, Cina dan Indians leave our home soil.

    Who is stoking race tensions ?>>>>>,small kids in primary schools too understand

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :roll: Ho :lol:

    :mrgreen: “STOP THIS NONSENSE” …..bumNO own kutusan@sai paper… bcoz your EVIL RACIST sick SHIT paper will be rejected stock soon n your actor racist leaders trying to be good guy!!!!! heh heh heh even ‘budak-budak’ now also know this bumNO evil tricks!!!!!!!!!! http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/05/08/christian-leaders-want-action-against-utusan/ :mrgreen:


    Ho :oops: Ho :roll: Ho :lol:

  5. beritamu says:

    What happen to the christians YBs association , are they deaf and blind ? except Dompok and Koh Su ku.

    Cowards of BN -UMNO

  6. frozenthots says:

    Lets revisit the supreme document that binds Msia, namely the Federal Constitution and understand the provision on Islam. Nowhere does it mention that Islam is the OFFICIAL religion of the Federation and that the PM MUST BE a MUSLIM. Equally there is a misconception that BUMIPUTERA has unalienable RIGHTS accorded by the Federal Constitution.

    Article 3 mentions;

    (1) Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.

    (2) In every State other than States not having a Ruler the position of the Ruler as the Head of the religion of Islam in his State in the manner and to the extent acknowledged and declared by the Constitution, all rights, privileges, prerogatives and powers enjoyed by him as Head of that religion, are unaffected and unimpaired; but in any acts, observance or ceremonies with respect to which the Conference of Rulers has agreed that they should extend to the Federation as a whole each of the other Rulers shall in his capacity of Head of the religion of Islam authorize the Yang di-pertuan Agong to represent him.

    (3). The Constitution of the States of Malacca, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak shall each make provision for conferring on the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall be Head of the religion of Islam in that State.

    (4) Nothing in this Article derogates from any other provision of this Constitution.

    Obviously from the setting of the Article 3, the word OFFICIAL is non existent and mathematically with a maximum of 40 candidates for MPs, DAP wouldnt command 2/3 of Parliament majority to effect a constitutional change. So what we have here is certain quarters making issues of a non issue and this has been legitimised by politicians who wish to perpetuate political polarisation and instill siege mentality among citizen – the best way to control them is “rule and divide”

    Malaysia – Truly Confused Asia.

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