Digi “Is this your Premium Customer Service..??”

Sometimes it just takes a moment of ones time to answer queries or to look into matters. Mosts organisations will take pains to solve and look into problems immediately and will at all costs avoid uncalled for “bad publicity.”

This customer who told us that he has more or less given up hope on Digi as he was given a merry go round (understatement of the year) to lodge the complaint. He was driven to Digi for the Tag line”Always the Smarter Choice.” 

audie61 has to agree in someways that Digi has innovative and good packages but when you have problems we think nobody seems willing to give a helping hand. Just looking at this which Digi puts it so convincingly ”At DiGi, your needs are at the centre of everything we do. Whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever your needs may be, we’re there for you!

Wow! How TRUE but when it happens to this customer. Could this happen to you one day.?? You make your own judgement……….

In Audie61 we BELIEVE that when we pay for the bests and we also expect the bests…

5 thoughts on “Digi “Is this your Premium Customer Service..??”

  1. beritamu says:

    Msia has bloated civil service,PM dept doubled its work forces from 20,000 to 40,000+ from Abdullah’s time.

    Japan with population of 120 million has same number of civil servants,1.2 milion with Msia just 27 million.

    Kalau tidak Melayu susah nak cari rezeki lah,semua terpaksa bergantung kepada kerjaan untuk hidup.

  2. beritamu says:

    Saya ramalkan satu artikel tentang ” shadow cabinet ” of PR dalam keadaan kemulut akan dieluarkan oleh Audie61 dan [asukan tak lama lagi.

    Itu tugas mereka khas titubuhkan untuk mengkritik pembangkang. Tunggu saja apa mereka akan tulis.

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