11 thoughts on “BN Show us …….

  1. Ibans kuching says:

    Think UMB and team are more suitable and reactive in the field of cartoons magazine producing industries rather than helping BN in cyber war attacks.

    With all govt controlled mainstream media , radio and TV helping BN to disseminating their messages and news during the intensified campaign, it seems that UMB is liability

  2. Banyak Kaka says:

    U think??? Well, I think you are wrong!!!! liability??? I think you are the liability!!!! seating on your ass and just know how to criticize people effort…. typical egois

  3. beritamu says:

    Racist taib ask the chinese to join dap or be sidelined .does he dare to abandon the chinese immediately with only 2 wakil in DUN.

    Does he deserve to be called CM for All.

    Chinese are concern of about equality and fairness not merely bread and butter.Will BN just abandon all developments in Kuaching won by DAP

  4. beritamu says:

    Main cause of unprecedented loss of SUPP,

    Failure of state and federal govt ‘s reaction to rectify Chinese community’s grouses of the unjust and unfair polices.

    To them, George Chan has all this while being made as running dog to ATM-Taib, of Sarawak,

  5. looes74 says:

    By the way, I would support Audie61 team’s move of buttressing Taib Mahmud….Sarawak for Sarawakian mah! Me must keep Taib Mahmud simply for this

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Thief MISSnister ‘pek mo lau heow’ cannot last long bcoz old wolf mamak tiu already tell him he should go …go laaaa n don’t wait long long bcoz if not!!! he will be like that soup georgeee chan fate….too long ‘tamak’ not welcome anymore…..everyone start to know!!!!! hehehehehehehe :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    Chinese in Sarawak are not in a dilemma at all and shall prevail in helping our marginalised and oppressed rural brothers and sisters to regain their dignity, identity and liberty soon.

    Nagypt and UMNO know very well that they did not win the hearts and minds of the rural folks or Bumiputra in Sarawak despite winning overwhelmingly in rural constituencies. UMNO controlled BN can never win rural constituencies without dirty money politics and using agents to intimidate the rural voters. Agents are the special squads, special branch, gangsters,SPR staffs (fake and real) or so called PM department officials.

    Sarawakians had long ago despised the theif minister Taib Mahmud and UMNO style of politics which currently controlling all BN components. Now that PR effectively controlled Northern, Central and Southern Sarawak, it will be a lot easier and less costly for the Opposition to mount a real and effective challenge against UMNO controlled BN in GE13.

    With people power the abusive, corrupted, repressive and oppressive UMNO controlled BN regime and the paramount thief minister will fall sooner than later. A massive street demonstrations by Sarawakians can be mounted effectively against Taib Mahmud simultaneously in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and Limbang. Make no mistake, the imminent streets demonstrations against Taib Mahmud is not to overthrow a legitimately elected leader of BN Sarawak but to overthrow a highly corrupted CM of Barisan Sarawak. Sarawakians want to recover all the ill gotten wealth of Taib, family and cronies which belong to all Sarawakians.

  8. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    With tons of $$$ BN still cannot win all. Sad to see rural folks still undi BN with paltry sum of RM30 to gamble with their life for another 5 years under corrupted BN opaque regime !!!

  9. beritamu says:

    Audie 61,As seasonal speculator,do you believe with the following news.

    Though a small and quiet town here in Kapit,your ex-boss billionaire Dato Sng is secretly planning Ming Court II with his ex-boss Anwar to oust Taib.

    Can it work by applying this formula: PR+PRS+SPDP+SUPP+Independent=36 Vs PBB=35 to form razor thin majority govt.

    Then the Ibans and Chinese will get control over the state.

    What do you think ?.

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